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hot pursuit

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Bad Economy, Bad Decisions on Video

Police empathize with a struggling man who stole a Bait Car - but unemployment is still no excuse to commit a crime.

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Teens without Plans on Video

These teenagers aren't criminal masterminds. They had no idea what to do after getting in the car.

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If This Was A Test Video - Bait Car on on Video

Maybe if his conscience took the form a cartoon cricket, he would have listened.

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Crime Time on Video

This veteran criminal has a knack for stealing and fibbing to the cops.

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Do the Right Thing on Video

Cousins part ways when one decides to steal a car, while the other does the right thing and walks away.

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Joyless Ride on Video

Cops pursue a stole Bait Car just outside the French Quarter; another thief tells a futile lie.

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Easy Bait on Video

A thief finds himself trapped in a Bait Car after his friends snatch up some loot.

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Still On Candid Camera Video - Bait Car on on Video

A suspected car thief cuts the lines to the camera feed, and police are forced to find away around the problem.

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Bad Samaritan on Video

Another suspect claims to just be helping someone, but police aren't buying it.

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