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hot pursuit

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Decisions, Decisions Video - Bait Car on on Video

He should of have listened to his better angels.

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Mistake Of A Lifetime Video - Bait Car on on Video

Two suspects can't resist temptation and get busted.

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Forget Mass Transit Video - Bait Car on on Video

This guy ditched the bus and stole a car instead.

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I Knew It was a Setup on Video

One of the suspects says he knew it was a setup, before he gets busted for more than just grand theft auto.

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Third Strike Video - Bait Car on on Video

This guy is headed to prison for a long time. A career criminal gets his third strike.

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Episode 6 Video - Police POV on on Video

It's off to the races when Cincinnati police officers chase down a pair of armed robbery suspects. Sparks fly when a domestic dispute turns ugly, and it's back to school for a troubled truant when Arkansas police get their hands on him.

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Multiplying Suspects on Video

Suspects just keep popping up in this Police POV take down clip.

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Give Chase Video - Police POV on on Video

Two female cops tag team on a chase and capture of an alleged suspect.

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The Rundown on Video

EXTRA: Officers talk about the thrill and the danger involved in chasing a suspect on foot.

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Episode 4 Video - Police POV on on Video

Feel the adrenaline rush when Cincinnati's finest engage in a high-speed pursuit of a teenage car thief suspect, an Arkansas man, apparently drunk leads cops on a foot chase through a gang of snarling pit bulls, and a suspected drug addict comes back from the brink of death to give his arresting officers a piece of his mind.

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