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Attack Chihuahua Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

Two men, attempting to rob a store, are chased off by a vicious chihuahua.

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Crash and Grab Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

Two criminals decide to break into a store by using their car as a battering ram. They get in but they can't get out.

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Stuntman Misses the Mark Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

An amateur stuntman misses the car he's trying to jump onto after leaping off a roof.

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Bootleg Fireworks Go Bad Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

When Mexican bootleg fireworks go bad run for the hills.

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The Best of Ron Shirley Video - Lizard Lick Towing on on Video

Nuttier than a squirrel turd: The best of Ron Shirley's Ronisms!

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Lesbian Mud Wrestling Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

During an annual festival, two women get down and dirty.

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Silly Sad Man Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

The Recycling Ninja desperately wants you to believe that everything is fine.

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Meet Sonic Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

Sonic reveals himself to be the ultimate urban daredevil.

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Brandon and Lori "Storage Hunters" Video - Storage Hunters on on Video

Brandon and Lori give a little insight on their past successes and the present day life of a storage unit bidder.

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Straight Jackin' Video - Big Brian the Fortune Seller on on Video

This thieving magician is caught stealing a straitjacket and enters a wager with Brian.

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