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Storage Hunters: Season 1 Episodes

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Crazy Cash Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

It's close encounters of the strange kind when Les is presented with an item that's alleged to communicate with aliens. Then, Seth squares off with a customer who flips out when she can't get her earrings out of pawn. Plus, an ex-adult film star brings in a big box of his biggest hits to the shop. And, Ashley is reduced to tears when she and Seth trade blows over a lost sale.

Storage Hunters

Think storage auctions are a joke? Then you haven't met Brandon Bernier and his wife Lori, the toughest players in this high-stakes game of bid or be out-bid. You won't believe what they find as they travel the country from auction to auction, butting heads with hostile locals and risking their hard-earned money for a chance at the units that will bring them the biggest returns. The competition is fierce, and with so much cash at stake, it's always a dogfight...

Storage Hunters

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Will Ashley Return? on Video

After Ashley's untimely departure from the pawn shop, Les shares with Seth that he is bringing Ashley back.

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Les' Way or the Highway Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

Les fights Seth over a critical business decision. Then, a mad scientist claims his vintage device can cure deadly diseases. Will the Golds bite or give Dr. Evil the boot? And all bets are off when Seth undermines Les in front of the entire staff.

Hardcore Pawn: Season 3 Episodes

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Sucker Punch Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

Les scrambles to find a buyer for a pimped out party bus in order to win an old bet with Seth. Then, a mad scientist claims his vintage device can cure deadly diseases. Will the Golds bite or give Dr. Evil the boot? And, Seth makes a shocking revelation that sends a couple into a rampage.

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Antique Cauterizing Kit on Video

A Civil War-era medical cauterizing kit draws a lot of interest, but fails to fetch a price.

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