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Words Can Hurt: Part II on Video

An altercation with a customer leads to a fight between Les and Ashley.

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Words Can Hurt: Part I on Video

An irate customer gets called a name after making a fuss at the store.

Hardcore Pawn: Season 2 Episodes

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The Kindness Of Strangers on Video

A woman who received help for her father's funeral returns to thank Les.

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Les Loves Games on Video

The dazzling graphics and adrenaline rush of a video game are enough for the bottom line to go out the window.

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The Deals On The Bus on Video

Les really likes school buses, but will it affect his negotiating?

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Les's Wild Kingdom on Video

Les's love for stuffed animals undermines his powers of negotiation.

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Sprayed and Paid on Video

Ashley grabs the palest employee at American Jewelry and Loan to test out a spray tan machine.

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Messy Break-up on Video

This man is trying to reclaim his things that his ex-wife pawned under her name.

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Detroit's Number One Pawnshop on Video

Meet the Gold family, owners of Detroit's biggest pawn shop. They've bought and sold things you can't begin to imagine.

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