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Brandon & Lori: Hidden Treasures Video - Mash-ups on on Video

A review of some of the hidden treasures Brandon and Lori found in storage bins across the country.

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Fired in a Flash! on Video

When Ashley hires a girl without Les' consent, she quickly fires her for making up her own rules.

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Elvis Presley Payout on Video

A man brings an autographed album from the king of rock n' roll that Les wants to buy at any cost.

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Foreign Currency Mother Load Video - Storage Hunters on on Video

Jesse notices some foreign currency in a storage box and wages a bidding war against Lori and Brandon.

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Too Young To Fall In Love on Video

A mysterious phone call is received during a routine background check of an underage teen walking on the strip.

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Working Out in the Pawn Shop by Hardcore Pawn on Video

The stretches of a half-naked woman entice Les into giving her a good deal.

Storage Hunters

Hardcore Pawn: Interview with Les on

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Oddest Storage Unit Finds

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