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Health Inspector has a Problem with Ma's Unsanitary Cooking on Video

Ma has a run-in with the health inspector and tells him what's on her mind.

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Lena Drop the Ball and More on Video

Given even the simplest task, clumsy Lena will make a mess of things.

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Lena Fails at Hamburgers on Video

EXTRA: Ma desperately tries to teach Lena how to cook burgers. Don't forget to use a spatula!

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Ladies Love a Chocolate Pool on Video

Don't worry about your tiny cake, if you have a pool full of chocolate and a bunch of enthusiastic girls.

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Despair Bear Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

This angry lady isn't giving out bear hugs as journalists investigate her for selling bears.

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Have Your Cake and Throw it Too Video - Operation Repo on on Video

The bride while at her wedding reception isnt having it and shows it by sharing her wedding cake with the guys.

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Fake Cake Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

Boy breaks down when his cruel parents prank him with a fake reward cake.

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I'm Hurlin' It Video - Disorder In The Court on on Video

This woman demonstrates that the customer is always right, by heaving everything in sight at the counter.

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Fowl Mouthed Video - World's Dumbest Extras on on Video

Let's talk turkey with Tonya Harding and Todd Bridges.

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Adrianne Curry Video - World's Dumbest Extras on on Video

Adrianne Curry discusses the downside of spicy cuisine.

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