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The Lizard Lick Boys Are Doing It Again on Video

The Lizard Lick team are back for more trouble and consequences.

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Fired in a Flash! on Video

When Ashley hires a girl without Les' consent, she quickly fires her for making up her own rules.

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Runway Roughhouse Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

These runway models let their feet do the walking and their fists do the talking.

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Don't Mess with the Old Man Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

Young punk bites off more than he can chew when he picks on two old men.

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Her Best Assets Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

There was never any mention of math ability when this woman signed up to be a ring girl.

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A Little Off The Top Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

An inebriated bridge operator confuses the distinction between raising and lowering his bridge.

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What The Truck?!? Video - Operation Repo on on Video

Froy and Sonia are caught slipping and end up losing the truck.

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Will Ashley Return? on Video

After Ashley's untimely departure from the pawn shop, Les shares with Seth that he is bringing Ashley back.

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C Is For Conflict on Video

Seth confronts Les about Ashley's incompetence.

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Ashley Quits! on Video

Ashley lets Les have it in a profanity-laced tirade and quits the store.

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