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family drama

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Seth Takes Control on Video

Ashley tries to squash an argument between Les and Seth, what transpires shocks American Jewelry and Loan.

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Overinflated Truck on Video

Seth and this customer can't agree on the resale value of this gas guzzler.

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Does Les Need To Retire? on Video

After Les overturns Seth's new management policy, things get a little heated.

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Warehouse Confusion on Video

When a computer gaming system is lost, Les wants answers and the customer wants his money back!

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Blackout! on Video

A storm rocks Detroit causing the power to go out at American Jewelry and Loan.

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Major Yacht Crash Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

While enjoying a pleasant day at sea, this yacht gets cut off and rams into the another boat.

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Big Stud Video - Las Vegas Jailhouse on on Video

A self-proclaimed "big stud" gets forced into isolation for talking dirty to the jail nurse.

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Ashley vs. Rich on Video

Ashley and Rich argue about their layaway policy that Rich wrote long before she was employed there.

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Back-Seat Driver Video - Storage Hunters on on Video

Lori's soothing voice effortlessly calms Brandon and helps with his driving.

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I Quit! Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

Les and Seth face down Ashley in a final power struggle that could change the face of American Jewelry & Loan forever.

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