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dumb international

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Stop Hitting Yourself Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

A just arrested speeder punches himself in the face in the attempt to fake police brutality.

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Tiger Tightrope Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

A toddler attempts a daring feat as she walk a tight rope with a tiger waiting below hungry for lunch.

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Safety First on Video

These workers were protesting unsafe conditions by driving in pickup trucks that are over filled with people.

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Pop Goes The Elbow Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

This is the straw that broke the weightlifter's elbow. This video is not for those that have a weak stomach.

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Russian to the Finish Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

A big race attracts racers, crowds, and journalists. After the race a journalist takes a car for a spin amongst the trees!

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Despair Bear Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

This angry lady isn't giving out bear hugs as journalists investigate her for selling bears.

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Hoochie Libre on Video

Hookers and luchadores face off on a talk show about two missing wrestlers. Chaos ensues when one of the widows arrives.

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Johnny Unwell Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

April 13th, 1980: Johnny Fogwell and Gary Wells compete in Australia, where one of the motorcyclists takes a spill after a 150 ft. jump.

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Spanish Fall Video - World's Dumbest on on Video

An annual Spanish celebration of constructing human towers and fending off gravity.

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Granny In The Hole Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

This woman has a healthy sense of body image and terrible judgment.

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