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crazy collectibles

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Secondhand Whips and Chains on Video

A dominatrix tries to pawn some work-related items, but the tools from her past life are more valuable.

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A Leg Up on Video

A customer walks in with an accordion, but pawns his ability to walk out instead.

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These Little Piggies on Video

A newly converted Muslim says her husband insists she get rid of her plastic porky friends. Who smells bacon?

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No Pawn for Eva Braun on Video

A woman claims to have Hitler's wife's bracelet.

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Haunted Helmet on Video

Bringing a magic lamp into the shop might not grant any wishes but could bring a death in the family.

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Mini-Cannon on Video

A seller brings a homemade cannon that Les wants to buy for fun, but Seth talks him out of it.

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Can't Steal Class Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

If not for the shopping extravaganza that gave them away, this pilfering pair could have made off with 17 million dollars.

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