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crazy collectibles

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Big Brian the Fortune Seller

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Flip That Gumball Machine on Video

In a triumph of capitalism, Les buys a gumball machine and sells it for twice as much, before the seller is even paid.

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The Deals On The Bus on Video

Les really likes school buses, but will it affect his negotiating?

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Les's Wild Kingdom on Video

Les's love for stuffed animals undermines his powers of negotiation.

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Highball Gyno Table on Video

Ashley bungles a negotiation by offering too high a price for a used gynecological exam table.

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Elephant Skull Haggle on Video

A man brings in an elephant skull, and Les grabs it for a steal.

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Drinking In Moderation Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

Sometimes when you want to drink a bottle of wine, you want a giant glass to go with it.

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Come At Me, Brah! on Video

A martial artist shows Seth some moves.

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Hardcore Pawn Promo on Video

The hit show is back for a second season, tune in every Tuesday at 10.

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The Next Big Deal on Video

Get ready: Hardcore Pawn returns, December 28th on TruTV.

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