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Tools of the Trade on Video

A guy fresh out of jail is looking raise some holiday loot by pawning some power tools. Merry Christmas to all!!!

Hardcore Pawn: Season 5 Episodes

Hardcore Pawn: Bios - Good as Gold on

Hardcore Pawn

At the largest pawn shop in Detroit, every day brings new rewards and new drama. Follow the Gold family as they wheel and deal with colorful customers, manage temperamental employees, and squabble with each other; all in the name of making a buck in one of the most troubled cities in America. This isn't your typical trading post; this is Hardcore Pawn.

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In the Family on Video

Hardcore Pawn broker Les Gold gives a rundown of his family pawn business.

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Closing the Deal on Video

Hardcore Pawn's Les makes business with a man who's fallen on some rough times.

Hardcore Pawn

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Good Day to Make Some Life Changes on Video

A woman gets busted and confesses the terrible problems in her life. With help, maybe she can turn things around.

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Jail Stories Video - Las Vegas Jailhouse on on Video

Women share stories of how they wound up in jail.

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