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Hardcore Pawn: Season 1 Episodes

Hardcore Pawn

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Smell You Later Video - Full Throttle Saloon on on Video

Jesse takes one whiff of the bungalow reserved for Brett Michaels and deems it unacceptable.

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Flaunt Territory on Video

The Flaunt Girls react to rumors that Michael is going to have rival dance group, The Perfect Angels, perform.

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The Next Big Deal on Video

Get ready: Hardcore Pawn returns, December 28th on TruTV.

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The Dead Stream Video - Conspiracy Theory on on Video

Jesse and his team uncover a stream devoid of life that appears to originate from a private "sanctuary" owned by Nestle.

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Alex Jones on Water Dosing on Video

Alex Jones questions whether there is a plan to regulate people's mood and thoughts through chemicals in our water.

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Water Conspiracy on Video

Governor Ventura explores the diminishing water supply of the Southwest and a conspiracy to manipulate our water supply.

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Tough Act To Follow on Video

With a multi-million dollar concert venue opening across the way, Full Throttle Saloon is in for some competition.

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Who Is Responsible for Keeping Marijuana Illegal? on Video

A look into who benefits from keeping cannabis illegal and why the Government doesn't have any plans to change it.

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