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big business

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Kiss It! on Video

After a failed negotiation, this woman has a special message for Les.

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Imaginary Friendship Video - Hardcore Pawn on on Video

Les brings in his imaginary salesperson to assist with a customer with an overactive imagination.

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Episode 106 Video - Big Brian the Fortune Seller on on Video

Big Brian and his team are in for some big surprises inside a doctor's house. When Vinny finds a straight jacket and a bone saw he is concerned about what else is hidden in the attic. The team is stunned when a customer buys an electric shock machine to use on his wife. And when a sword from the Civil War is discovered, the big question is...did it belong to Robert E. Lee or will Brian find out it's a fake and have to slice the price?

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Don't Mess With Les on Video

Les goes toe to toe with a young hooligan and shows him who's boss.

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Les goes toe to toe with a young hooligan and shows him who's boss.

Storage Hunters: Season 1 Episodes

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Brandon and Lori "Storage Hunters" Video - Storage Hunters on on Video

Brandon and Lori give a little insight on their past successes and the present day life of a storage unit bidder.

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Calling It Quits on Video

In the midst of a heated discussion, Ashley loses it and calls it quits!

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Sean "The Auctioneer" Video - Storage Hunters on on Video

Sean gives us a little background on his experience being an auctioneer at storage facilities.

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