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bad jobs

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Episode 4 Video - Police POV on on Video

Feel the adrenaline rush when Cincinnati's finest engage in a high-speed pursuit of a teenage car thief suspect, an Arkansas man, apparently drunk leads cops on a foot chase through a gang of snarling pit bulls, and a suspected drug addict comes back from the brink of death to give his arresting officers a piece of his mind.

Police POV

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Miss Congenialities on Video

These two Southern belles bring their winning personalities to the Lizard Lick office.

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Drive Thru Repo Video - All Worked Up on on Video

Ron and Bobby find a vehicle whose owner is in the middle of ordering fast food.

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Change We Can't Believe In Video - All Worked Up on on Video

A man attempts to reclaim his belongings by paying the fee in loose change.

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Runner Video - Police POV on on Video

A suspect decides to run during a drug raid.

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Stolen Vehicle Video - Police POV on on Video

A driver of a stolen vehicle emerges after some delay.

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Gunned Down on Video

EXTRA: Officer Melissa Cummins describes a heart-breaking story of a young man getting gunned down.

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Taking Fire on Video

EXTRA: Officer Andy Davis describes what it's like to be under fire.

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Juiced Up Repo Video - All Worked Up on on Video

An overly aggressive meat-head causes a great deal of damage.

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