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Jailhouse Diva Video - Las Vegas Jailhouse on on Video

This guy has a lot of requests, complaints and enemies in his short time being locked-up.

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Driving While Insulting on Video

It gets lively at the jailhouse when this person gets angry and takes it out on one of the guards!

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I Don't Drink! on Video

This woman refuses to believe that she drank anything, well she had one but she wasn't drinking.

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Code Red Video - Las Vegas Jailhouse on on Video

All officers are alerted when a fight breaks out in the jailhouse.

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Booze Tantrum Video - Top 20 Most Shocking on on Video

This woman takes out her aggression on the shelves of alcohol when she isn't rung up promptly.

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Wrecked into a Police Car on Video

In the process of taking down the suspects, the Bait Car collides into a police car.

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Big Stud Video - Las Vegas Jailhouse on on Video

A self-proclaimed "big stud" gets forced into isolation for talking dirty to the jail nurse.

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Suspect Brutality Video - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest on on Video

A suspected drunk driver decides he will brutalize himself in order to get his top-notch lawyer involved.

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Mo Can't Say No on Video

This suspect can't resist to keep his hand off of a Bait Car and takes it for a free ride.

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Too Young To Fall In Love on Video

A mysterious phone call is received during a routine background check of an underage teen walking on the strip.

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