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amy shirley

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Trailer Trash on Video

Owner has his trailer repo'd, and just doesn't know when to quit and his baseball bat is no match for Ronnie and Bobby.

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Found Car on Video

Ron and Bobby from All Worked Up run into a car they've been looking for and a confrontation ensues.

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Tattooed Temper Tantrum on Video

Tattooed psycho goes after the All Worked Up team of Ron, Bobby, and Amy when they refuse him his repossessed vehicle.

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The Player's Set-Up on Video

The player is "set-up" with a box of sex toys, as the "other" girl shows up to get the car with the player.

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Total Burn Out Burns Out on Video

Wow... raging sociopath threatens All Worked Up's Ron and Bobby to return his car, and then breaks Amy's window.

All Worked Up

All Worked Up

This series goes on the job with people whose work entails delivering bad news or dealing with difficult situations where the recipient may explode in a rage. Whether it is serving subpoenas, parking violations, or towing cars, there is never a dull moment in this half-hour of non-stop action.

All Worked Up: Season 4 Episodes

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