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World's Wildest Vacation Videos

Episode 101
Premiered Wednesday, December 17 at 10P
First, a hellacious hailstorm pummels a group of friends on a road trip. Then, a tribe of monkeys attacks a little girl in Costa Rica. And, a man flees an 8 foot ostrich, who wonít give up the chase. Plus, a shark sinks its teeth into a Florida vacationer. TV-PG L
Episode 102
Premiered Wednesday, December 10 at 10P
A fishing trip goes under when an airplane plunges into a Michigan lake. Then, a 2000 pound polar bear pulls a tourist into its cage with his teeth. And, a massive mudslide takes vacationers for a ride of deadly destruction. Plus, a thrill seeker launches himself off a bridge, then launches his parachute too late. TV-PG L
Episode 103
Premiered Wednesday, December 24 at 10P
Two men tussle with a great white shark in a terrifying underwater cage match. And, a vacationing bungee jumper gets tangled in his own cord. Then, an explosion causes a 2 passenger hot air balloon to plummet back to Earth. Plus, a wild goose on the loose wreaks havoc on a fishing trip. TV-PG L, V
Episode 104
Premiered Wednesday, December 24 at 10:30P
Rated: TV-PG L, V
Episode 105
Premieres Wednesday, January 7 at 10P
A spiraling skydiver gets wound up in a terrifying mid-air tangle. A vacationer loses her shirt at the hands of rowdy baboons. A diver discovers a giant octopus, then finds himself in a deadly chokehold. An aimless party boat crashes into the Coast Guard. Plus many more of the most extreme holidays ever caught on tape! TV-14 L
Episode 106
Premiered Wednesday, January 7 at 10:30P
A womanís ski trip turns her into a human avalanche. Itís underwater terror when a diver faces a shark attack. A teenager dangles off the top of a ski lift. An airplane slams down outside a baseball stadium. Plus many more of the most extreme holidays ever caught on tape! TV-PG L
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