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World's Wildest Vacation Videos

Behind the Scenes
Q and A with David Dean, Co-Executive Producer at Asylum Entertainment, which produced World's Wildest Vacation Disasters.
David Dean

Q: How many clips did you personally look through while creating this show?

A: My team presented me over 400 video clips and I narrowed those down to the best 78 for our half dozen episodes of World's Wildest Vacation Videos.

Q: Which segment looked particularly scary to you?

A: I've produced Most Shocking and Most Daring for truTV and those shows are full of extremely scary stuff. One thing I love about World's Wildest Vacation Videos is that it contains a mixture of terrifying "on the edge of your seat" stories and hilarious, "laugh till you're in tears" stories.


In our first six episodes I'd say maybe the scariest story might be the one where two friends take an adventure vacation to Mexico to cage dive with great white sharks. They're lowered into the water, which is murky with bloody tuna chum. One of the sharks plows right into the cage, bending the bars and ending up stuck halfway inside. The men are trapped against the back wall, unsure if they'll be torn apart or if their air line will be severed and they'll drown.

Now imagine that story back-to-back with a guy and his dog, on a fishing trip, who encounter a wild territorial goose that tries relentlessly to chase them off of his lake!

dog and goose

Q: What would be your dream segment for this show?

A: That's a tough one. The show is so eclectic I'm not sure how to narrow down a particular dream story. I like stuff that's close up and has a big "wow" moment. I guess anything that makes me hold my breath or laugh really hard is pretty much the dream.

Q: Was there anything you came across that you wanted to include on-air but, for whatever reason, couldn't?

A: There are a number of reasons why a clip may fall out of the running. On the internet, we often discover something that's perfect for the show, but we are unable to locate or contact the person who owns it and, of course, we can't use anything without the owner's permission. That said, our team has gotten pretty good at detective work. You'd be amazed at how creative we get trying to track down the sources of these videos.

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