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World's Dumbest


Q&A with Jaime Andrews

Jaime Andrews

What is the dumbest clip you've ever seen on the show?

How do you pick just one dumb needle from the stupid haystack? The people attempting parkour are up there...

How do you get your ideas?

They come right out of my brain!

Which World's Dumbest panelist would you marry, which would you sleep with and which would you kill?

I would marry Billy Kimball because I thrive on condescension; I would sleep with Daniel Baldwin because he's the only one that's offered; and I would kill myself, because I don't need the karma of taking someone else out.

If you weren't a comedian, what do you think you'd be doing for a living?

I had someone tell me that the only other career I was cut out for was "crack wh*re," but the benefits aren't as good.

What's better, hot chocolate or fruit?

Hmmm, arbitrary! Go cocoa.

If you met one of the people you made jokes about of on World's Dumbest, what would you say to them?

You're welcome!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

See #4.

Have you ever done something that if it was caught on camera, might end up on World's Dumbest? What was it?

Constantly. Last weekend I fell off the back of the stage while making an entrance in a play.

What's your motto?

I often say "everything for a reason," but I'm confounded as to what those reasons are.

Have you learned anything from being a panelist on World's Dumbest?

I've learned that you should never leave the house. You will be injured...and videotaped.

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