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World's Dumbest


Season 6 Episodes

World's Dumbest Criminals 16
Aired: 10/1/2009
Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett and Tonya Harding are back and doing what they do best: shaming dumb criminals into cleaning up their acts. Watch as they their aim their barbs at bikini clad burglars, a preadolescent carjacker and a lotto ticket thief whose luck runs out mid heist. Plus, a few clips so criminally explicit we could only show them...after dark. TV-14-DL
World's Dumbest Drivers 13
Aired: 10/8/2009
Warning: clips in this show are dumber than they appear! Todd Bridges, Daniel Baldwin and the rest of our celebrity cast poke fun at some seriously slow drivers. Get ready for nitro-burning school buses, recreation vehicles used for purposes other than fun and a prominent baseball player who puts up big numbers on the breathalyzer. TV-14-L
World's Dumbest Performers 2
Aired: 10/22/2009
First, a fire-eater lights his own face. Then, a sports mascot neuters himself on a fence. And, an answer to the age-old question: "When a rocker stage-dives and there's no-one there to catch him, does he make a sound?" Featuring the always flawless commentary of Leif Garrett, Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and the rest of our celebrity cast. TV-14-DL
World's Dumbest Daredevils 8
Aired: 10/29/2010
truTV strives to make the planet safer by exposing the idiotic antics of the World's Dumbest Daredevils. Watch twenty dangerous stunts you won't want to try at home, including a man trying to hang-glide while being towed by a snowmobile and a motorcyclist standing up on his seat, eating a sandwich as he rolls down the road. Not to mention the inline skater who breaks one arm, then gets back on his skates the very next day to attempt a stupid stunt that breaks the other arm. Featuring commentary from the always safety-conscious Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce, Judy Gold and the rest of our celebrity cast. TV-14-DL
World's Dumbest Drivers 3
Aired: 11/5/2009
Watch moronic moments from across the globe as we countdown 20 of the best displays of dumb driving. Sit down and join our cast of celebrities including Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett, Tonya Harding, Todd Bridges, and Helio Castroneves as they comment on disasters behind the wheel, all caught on tape.
World's Dumbest Partiers 7
Aired: 11/12/2009
In its ongoing mission to shed light on bad behavior, truTV brings you 20 of the World's Dumbest Partiers. Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and the rest of our cast pass judgment on an upside-down drinking contest, a break dancer who lands in the emergency room, and a drunk woman doing an impromptu strip tease for cops back at the precinct house. TV-14-DLS
World's Dumbest Criminals 17
Aired: 11/19/2009
truTV presents another in-depth look at the criminally dumb. Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, Leif Garrett and the rest of our law-abiding celebrity cast conduct citizen's arrests of 20 hare-brained offenders, from a shoplifter stealing a skunk, to a man cashing checks payable to his deceased mother, to thieves trying to blow up an ATM. TV-14-DLS
World's Dumbest Drivers 14
Aired: 12/17/2009
truTV presents 20 excellent reasons to get off the road. Stay home and watch Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett and the rest of our celebrity cast celebrate the World's Dumbest Drivers. Marvel at the man who drives his car through the front door and down the hallways of City Hall, the moped motorist too drunk to order takeout, and the guy who takes a $100,000 sports car on a test drive...and totals it. TV-14-L
World's Dumbest Holidays
Aired: 12/24/2009
Ho, ho, oh no! Get into the spirit with Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and the rest of our cast as they celebrate the World's Dumbest Holidays. See what happens when Thanksgiving turkeys fight back, Santa imbibes too much holiday cheer and a leprechaun brings the luck of the Irish to a small Alabama town on St. Patrick's Day. TV-14-DL
World's Dumbest Record Breakers 4
Aired: 12/31/2009
truTV sets the mark for television excellence with the World's Dumbest Record Breakers 4. Leif Garrett, Todd Bridges and the rest of our celebrity cast present an incredibly loud burp, the world's fastest shrimp, and the world's longest ear hair. And no, it doesn't belong to Danny Bonaduce. TV-14-DLV
World's Dumbest Partiers 8
Aired: 12/31/2009
Join the celebration as we count down the 20 dumbest partiers in the world. Leif Garrett, Daniel Baldwin, Danny Bonaduce and the rest of our hard-partying cast comment on an explosive birthday party, an over-enthusiastic pole dancer who falls off the stage, and a maid of honor who faints right in the middle of the vows at her sister's wedding. TV-14-DL
World's Dumbest Criminals 18
Aired: 1/7/2010
Join Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding, and the rest of our top-notch celebrity sleuths as they track down the stupidest lawbreakers on the planet. You'll see 20 hare-brained criminals, each one dumber than the last. There's the meth addict who licks fallen drugs up off the floor of a police station, the bowlegged shoplifter waddling out of a convenience store with a case of beer between her legs, and the dumb criminal whose escape from his getaway car is foiled by his own seatbelt. It all adds up an hour of television so entertaining, there ought to be a law against missing it. TV-14-DL
World's Dumbest Brawlers
Aired: 1/7/2010
Put up your dukes! Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding and the rest of our celebrity cast will have you doubled over with laughter as they take down the world's dumbest brawlers. Get ready for girl-on-girl cat fights, fisticuffs between monks, and a boxer whose Mom is in his corner. Plus, Danny Bonaduce steps into the ring for three rounds with former baseball superstar Jose Canseco. It's guaranteed to be a knockout hour of television. TV-14-DLV
World's Dumbest Tourists
Aired: 1/14/2010
truTV has searched all over the planet to find the 20 dumbest tourists in the world. Join Daniel Baldwin, Todd Bridges and the rest of our globe-trotting cast as they give helpful hints to their fellow travelers. You'll meet a woman on safari who makes out with a giraffe, an impatient air traveler who crawls into an X-ray machine to avoid the line for the metal detector, and an overweight tourist at a dude ranch who mistakenly believes a tiny pony can support her weight. It all adds up to an hour-long flight of fancy that's sure to leave you in stitches. TV-14-DL
World's Dumbest Drivers 15
Aired: 1/21/2010
In its continuing effort to keep our streets safe, truTV exposes 20 of the dumbest drivers in the world. There's the jeep driver whose off-roading misadventure sends him tumbling down the side of a cliff, the amateur storm chasers who race into the center of a dangerous hailstorm, and the 14-year-old who takes his parents' car out for a spin, then crashes it. Ride along with Todd Bridges, Leif Garrett and the rest of our celebrity commentators as they administer their own roadside sobriety and intelligence tests. TV-14-DLV
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