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World's Dumbest


Season 4 Episodes

World's Dumbest Criminals 10
Aired: 1/15/2009
Prepare to see plenty of phenomenally misguided felons and misbehaving miscreants stumbling and bumbling their way onto our newest criminal countdown - truTV Presents: World's Dumbest Criminals 10. Join Gary Busey, Danny Bonaduce and a gaggle of celebrity commentators - all unwilling to issue pardons - as they lambaste camera-friendly cat burglars and cigarette swiping swordsmen for their seemingly unending criminal stupidity. TV-14 D, L, S
World's Dumbest Drivers 7
Aired: 1/22/2009
A semi-cerebral collection of speeders, road ragers and hydroplaners – all on a collision course with common sense. And none of these moronic motorists are safe from our sharp-tongued panel of commentators. Watch as they give flatulent drivers and car-jacking grannies pieces of their respective semi-celebrity minds. TV-14, L
World's Dumbest Partiers 2
Aired: 2/5/2009
Ever wake up after a crazy night out and think, Uh oh! I hope no one had a camera? Well guess what? They did, and we have the tape to prove it. A young man doing flaming eye ball shots, a pro wrestler's toast gone very bad and a woman flashing a policeman from the backseat of a squad car are just a few examples of the inebriated idiots we celebrate. Crash the party with our star-studded cast including Leif Garrett, Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding, Todd Bridges and Gary Busey. TV-14 D, L, S
World's Dumbest Daredevils 4
Aired: 2/12/2009
What do you get when you combine death-defying stunts with people completely lacking in good judgment? truTV Presents: The World's Dumbest Daredevils 4! Whether it's kite-surfing in a hurricane, island jumping in a speedboat, or monument scaling in Paris, nothing ends well for these super-stunt dummies. With commentary from our very own cast of celebrities.
World's Dumbest Partiers 3
Aired: 2/19/2009
20 outrageous instances of ridiculous revelry. Chick fights, flaming shots, and much more, featuring people who just don't know when to say when. Plus catty comments from Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett, Tonya Harding and the rest of the cast.
World's Dumbest Criminals 11
Aired: 2/26/2009
truTV presents 20 more misguided citizens...from a naughty nurse with an acute case of kleptomania to a DUI suspect who tries to beat the system by drinking office supplies. These bad guys are sure to leave a very funny taste in your mouth. Featuring commentary from Leif Garrett, Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and the rest of our acclaimed celebrity panel. TV-14 D, L
World's Dumbest Drivers 8
Aired: 3/5/2009
Start your engines as truTV presents 20 of the most thrilling, entertaining and just plain dumb crashes, smashes, and vehicular blunders. If you think you've seen it all, just wait until you see these road-ragers behind the wheel! Featuring the high speed, turbo-charged commentary of our celebrity cast, including Todd Bridges, Leif Garrett, Danny Bonaduce, and Tonya Harding. TV-14 L
World's Dumbest Competitions 4
Aired: 3/12/2009
Drinking contests, dirty dog dancing and pillow fighting are among the top-notch competitions in this week's installment of truTV Presents: World's Dumbest... Twenty crackpot competitors ready to stumble, bumble and tumble to immortality. Join Danny Bonaduce, Judy Gold and the rest of our celebrity cast as they pare these cut-rate challengers down to size. TV-14 D, L
World's Dumbest Daredevils 5
Aired: 3/19/2009
Get ready for twenty more laugh-out-loud moments - here comes another episode of truTV Presents: World's Dumbest Daredevils! Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and the rest of our celebrity cast lambaste stunt drivers, base jumpers and monster truckers for their dare-devil-may-care attitudes. TV-14 D, L, V
World's Dumbest Criminals 12
Aired: 3/26/2009
What do a breast pump thief, a purebred poodle-napper and an amorous arsonist have in common? They're all featured on truTV Presents: World's Dumbest Criminals. Leif Garrett, Todd Bridges and the rest our celebrity cast hold these slow-witted offenders in contempt of just plain common sense. A show so entertaining, there ought to be a law against it! TV-14 D, L, S
World's Dumbest Drivers 9
Aired: 4/2/2009
Forget all those Driver's Ed films. There's no better example of what not to do behind the wheel than on this episode of truTV Presents: The World's Dumbest Drivers. Watch as Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and a the rest of our celebrity cast play bumper cars with the cops, go on unintentional off-road expeditions and cower in fear at the most dangerous threat of all: elderly drivers. TV-14 L
World's Dumbest Partiers 4
Aired: 4/9/2009
In its continuing effort to illuminate improper behavior, truTV brings you 20 more of the World's Dumbest Partiers. Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges and the rest of our celebrity cast comment on impaired dart throwers in an English pub, binge drinking buffoons in Canada and Panamanian Carnival celebrations that are 'muy estupido.' TV-14 L
World's Dumbest Performers
Aired: 4/16/2009
Prepare yourself for performances so bad and so offensive that you will be unable to avert your eyes from the screen. Catch Karl Rove rapping, runway supermodels with serious wardrobe malfunctions, and a flea-market owner who insists his store is just like a mini-mall. Featuring commentary from Leif Garrett, Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and the rest of our top-notch celebrity panel. TV-14 L
World's Dumbest Confrontations
Aired: 4/23/2009
Never accuse Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and the rest of our celebrity cast of pulling their punches when they comment. Tonight on World's Dumbest Confrontations, they come down hard on men grappling with untamed beasts, cops taking down dangerous criminals, and civilized women going wild in girl-on-girl catfights. It's an hour of television sure to leave you bruised, bloodied and ready for more.
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