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Upload with Shaquille O'Neal

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Q&A with Godfrey


What was it like meeting Shaq for the first time?

I met Shaq about 10 years ago at a birthday party in Los Angeles. He came up to me and told me how much of a fan he was of my comedy. He was so cool and he made me feel like I had already knew him. That was awesome!

What do you have in common with Shaq?

The thing that I have in common with Shaq is the fact that we are both tall, dark and handsome and we love to laugh at things all day long. There is never a moment we are not trying to joke about something.

What are the main differences between stand-up comedians and professional athletes?

The only difference to me between stand-up comedians and professional athletes is the longevity that comedians have; stand-ups can do it until they are 80. Other than that, athletes and stand-up comedians are similar. In fact, I think a lot of comedians were once athletes. Athletes and comedians have to practice their skills every day until it becomes second nature. They both have to be passionate and persistent.

What's your funniest memory of working with Shaq?

My funniest memory of working with Shaq was when Shaq would tell a horrible joke and I would give him a look that it sucked. And he would lean over laughing because I was right.

What is your favorite video clip you've seen on the show and why?

My favorite video clip is the heavy set guy who is rapping and smoking so much weed that he coughs until he passes out. There is nothing funnier than a wannabe thug who does something stupid.

What makes working with Shaq special?

What makes working with Shaq special is that he treats everyone equally. You don't feel left out or intimidated by the fact that he is a future Hall of Famer, 4 time NBA champion and one of the greatest scoring centers in NBA. You forget all of that especially when you're next to him doing a sketch and he's wearing a diaper.

What's Shaq's sense of humor like?

Shaq's sense of humor is like that of kids in grade school – he's always trying to prank someone. What's even better is he loves when people make fun of him. He's never too sensitive and never takes life too seriously. He's quick on his feet with comebacks so if you try to insult him, get ready for him to return the favor.

What is your motto?

My motto is "Always find the funny."

Shaq has had a lot of different jobs. Is there anything you think he can't do?

I don't think Shaq could be a trapeze artist. Think about it.

What's the most surprising thing that ever happened on the set of Upload with Shaquille O'Neal?

The most surprising thing that happened on Upload with Shaquille O'Neal was when the guy Crunk CoCo came on the set and scared the crap out of all of us. His dancing was crazy.

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