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Q&A with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

What was it like meeting Shaq for the first time?

I met Shaq in 1997 – it was my first time on stage at the Comedy Store in LA. He walked in late, I had some hecklers and I went off on everyone. Shaq took notice and has been cool ever since.

What do you have in common with Shaq?

Shaq grew up a military brat and wants to be in law enforcement. I was in the military and I was a cop while I was in the military so Shaq basically wants to be me.

What are the main differences between stand-up comedians and professional athletes?

Differences between pro athletes and comedians are the groupies. Athlete groupies just want a one night stand. Comedian groupies want to have drinks and have you make them laugh then they go home.

What's your funniest memory of working with Shaq?

I hosted his comedy tour last year at a major sports event in Indy. It was Shaq and a couple of other celebrities sitting side by side. Sometimes you write jokes and sometimes the jokes write themselves. I went in on all of them.

What is your favorite video clip you've seen on the show and why?

My favorite clip is The Cinnamon Challenge.

What makes working with Shaq special?

Working with Shaq is not special. He's no different than me except he's a foot taller, black, 100 lbs heavier, has 4 NBA rings & is an international ICON. Other than that, nothing special.

What's Shaq's sense of humor like?

Shaq has the BEST sense of humor. He can laugh at himself which makes the show pop!!!

Shaq has had a lot of different jobs. Is there anything you think he can't do?

Shaq can't cook. Why else would he have his own personal chef?

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