Swamp Hunters: Cast

James Taylor

James is Dustin's bigger cousin; although they're so close they refer to each other as brothers. James too dabbles in buying and selling anything that will turn a profit, whether it's storage, scrap metal, or relics. If Dustin is a doer and a man of action, James is a thinker and someone who'd rather be sitting in the AC, letting his fingers do the walking online as he plans missions and sells relics. As such, James is the technology expert and navigator of the Taylor Clan, charged with translating D'Roy's legends and Dustin's instincts into hard facts they can all hunt on. Give James a tall tale and he'll squeeze the truth out of it. James is also a sweet-tempered, deeply religious man who doesn't care for cussing, drinking, and gambling (at least the kind of gambling done down in the casinos in Biloxi).