Swamp Hunters: Cast

Dustin Taylor

Dustin is a self proclaimed, self taught, Redneck Archeologist. Dustin was raised in the construction trade by his father, but just like his father, his real passion is relic hunting. He's also dabbled in all kinds of schemes to bring in money, buying and selling antiques, and even storage containers. As a kid, Dustin spent every spare moment at the library studying the history of the deep south and scouring through resource materials to plot where he might find hidden treasures left behind by pirates, robber barons, Indians and soldiers. Dustin doesn't have much patience for weekend warriors who come around 'his' swamps relic hunting for fun and messing with his potential finds. Dustin is a tough, profane, loud, and serious man of action. Dustin loves to be in the thick of it, finding valuable relics and selling them for lots of money! There isn't anything Dustin won't do to get what he wants. Whether that's hunting relics, winning a family squabble, or a dustup with rival relic hunters.