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Storage Hunters


Season 1 Episodes

Bloody Battle
Aired: 6/21/2011
Competition boils over when bitter rivals Brandon and Jesse throw down over a storage unit containing an amazing movie monster and a potential hundred thousand dollar payout. Security steps in, but can they separate the boys before the blood hits the floor?
Cash Wars
Aired: 6/21/2011
Brandon and Lori go to war over a record producer's storage unit and unearth what could be a priceless piece of rock and roll history. Then, Jesse one ups the competition for a locker with a multi-thousand dollar payout. And, a booby-trapped unit explodes, sending shockwaves through the storage facility. TV-14-L
Brawlin' on the Bayou
Aired: 6/28/2011
Brandon and Lori look to cash in on their first big trip to New Orleans, but the locals are hungering for a fight. Then, the Taylor Brothers wage war to win a locker loaded with hunting and sporting equipment. What no one knows is that hidden beneath the fishing poles, bear traps and camping gear is the score of a lifetime. And, fireworks explode when a locker full of liquor and rare Mardi Gras masks spark a do or die bidding war.
Rednecks & Riches
Aired: 07/05/2011
Back on the bayou, the buyers are ready to crack open the abandoned lockers and throw down some serious cash. Local legend FJ sees big dollar signs in old voodoo artifacts. Brandon and Lori unearth a rare find with a potentially priceless payout. And all bets are off when a bidding war over endangered species taxidermy ends in a heated stand-off with the local authorities. TV-14-LS
Gamblin' Gods
Aired: 07/12/2011
The buyers press their luck in Sin City where Brandon and Lori get outfoxed by a group of locals with a questionable strategy. Then, Jesse gambles on a locker filled with junk. Everyone thinks he's crazy, but he knows something they don't. And, vintage slot machines and poker tables send bidding through the roof. The closing price is stratospheric, but what's hidden from sight will be the ultimate payday one lucky bidder. TV-14-DL
Disaster Strikes!
Aired: 07/19/2011
Jesse taunts Brandon and Lori in the hopes of instigating a fight and later unearths a ticking treasure. Then, seasoned local Victor throws down his bankroll for a trove of luxury goods, but are they actually knock-offs? And, Brandon and Lori think they've hit the jackpot with a cache of firearms, but when Lori's gun accidentally goes off inside the locker, Brandon is caught in the crosshairs. TV-14-L
Boston Bad Blood
Aired: 07/26/2011
Brandon and Lori return to Boston and square off against his former protégé Wade. The bad blood may just erupt into a full-out brawl on the auction floor. Then, a former military hero goes all in on a locker that turns out to be hiding the ultimate score. And, the contents of a unit spark an outrage among the buyers, but Brandon only sees dollar signs. Will he walk away or will this controversial cache crush his morals? TV-14-L
Score of the Century
Aired: 08/02/2011
The score of a lifetime is hidden in the back of what already appears to be a great locker, but when the bidding heats up, will our auction heroes have the cash to stay in this game? But first, Brandon and Lori face a shocking discovery when the contents of what look like an old retail store reveal their true identity. And, some rare antiques fetch a fair price but further exploration of a hidden whale tusk could mean a windfall for one lucky storage hunter.
Episode 100 | Aired: 08/09/2011
Old Rivals. New Wars!
Aired: 11/15/2011
Old rivals unite when Brandon and Jesse are faced with the unthinkable: join forces or stand alone to gamble on a once-in-a-lifetime locker. Then, a vintage motorcycle and rare car parts create big cash for one of our slickest auction heroes. And, the Taylor Brothers are in for the fight of their lives when they leave the Deep South for the promise of California gold. It's an old-world battle that could lead to a new world order. TV-14-L
Cash Dash
Aired: 11/22/2011
The competition heats up as Brandon and Lori find themselves in an all out bidding war with the tough-talking Taylor brothers. Amidst the chaos, Jesse goes all-in for a locker that could be hiding an expert marksman's rare weapons. And, Sean unveils a bin whose stench is so rancid it sends the buyers running. But when one of our competitors takes a gamble, the entire group is blown away by the score. TV-14-L
Episode 111 | Aired: 11/29/2011
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