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Speeders Fight Back: Taking the Excuses from the Car to the Court Room
TV-14 D, L
Mistaken Identity
Premiere On: Thu, Jan. 29 at 8:30P
In this episode, a woman seeking a job as a school bus driver blows her chances for employment when she receives a ticket. Then, it's a case of mistaken identity as a father gets a ticket meant for his son. Finally, a driver calls in attorney Mark Gold, who offers a 24 karat defense. TV-PG
Magic Bullet
Premiere On: Thu, Jan. 22 at 8:30P
A busy mom learns that a hectic schedule is not a legal defense to a speeding ticket. And, an aspiring police officer runs into trouble with the law after he pushes the pedal to the metal. TV-PG, L
Captain Cuba
Premiere On: Thu, Jan. 15 at 8:30P
In this episode, the masked crime fighter "Captain Cuba" makes a surprise appearance at the court to fight a speeding ticket. Then a defendant produces a surprising character witness – his Mom! Finally, an embittered nurse demonstrates a complete lack of patience. TV-PG
Sob Stories
Premiere On: Thu, Jan. 8 at 8:30P
In this episode, a smooth talking party boy tries to charm his way out of a ticket. Then, a put upon motorist regales the court with an extra long sob story. Finally, the "perfect defense" hits a speed bump. TV-PG L
Makin' Em Sweat
Premiere On: Thu, Dec. 11 at 8:30P
In this episode, it's a case of nerves when a math professor sweats through his shirt before his big day in court. Then, a driver gives a cop who pulled him over an intense grilling. Finally, a highway vigilante fights a ticket he received after chasing down a car which crashed into him and then took off! TV-PG
Playing Chicken
Premiere On: Thu, Dec. 4 at 8:30P
In this episode, a chicken eatin' speeder brings his lunch into court, ruffling Brenda's feathers. Then, a single mom blames society for her speeding. Finally, a truck driver risks losing his license and his job after getting caught speeding on his motorbike. TV-PG L
Gravity Under Arrest
Premiere On: Thu, November 20 at 8:30P
A paranoid defendant claims that police were purposely tailgating her to make her speed. Then, a budding Newton claims that gravity made him go over the limit. Plus, a petite driver claims she's too tiny to press the pedal to the metal but her defense may come up short. TV-PG L
Big Bad Biker
Premiere On: Thu, November 13 at 8:30P
A touchy teen gets under magistrate Brenda's skin and quickly learns not to tick her off. Then, it must be magic when a woman claims police couldn't possibly have seen her run a red light. Plus, a big bad biker turns out to be a softy when he talks about his newborn baby. TV-PG L
Heavyweight Faceoff
Premiere On: Thu, November 6 at 8:30P
It's a battle of heavyweights as a driver who is 10-0 in traffic court comes up against an undefeated officer. Then, a poker player lays down a full house of excuses. Plus, a speeding Hooters waitress makes a repeat appearance! TV-PG L
Love Triangle
Premiere On: Thu, October 30 at 8:30P
An optometry student brings the truth into focus when he gives the officer a vision test. Then, a hippie songstress tries to sing her way out of a ticket. Plus, it's a love triangle as a man and his girlfriend deal with an ex-girlfriend's ticket. TV-PG L
Repeat Offender
Premiere On: Thu, October 23 at 8:30P
Two curvaceous waitresses find their sex appeal has no effect on magistrate Brenda. Then, a teacher needs a lesson on speeding or she might face detention. Plus, it's repeat offender time as an unlawful driver from a previous episode makes his glorious return to traffic court. TV-14
Pilot Episode
Premiere On: Thu, October 16 at 8:30P
It's hilarious high drama as police officers square off in the courtroom with some of America's mouthiest drivers. They've been caught pushing the petal to the metal out on the streets and now they're taking their outrageous act to court. From elaborate charts to outrageous oratory, they'll say or do anything to get out of a ticket. With a cast of characters featuring some of Speeders most notorious personalities, there's only one thing you can be sure to expect – and that's the unexpected! TV-14 L
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