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Speeders Fight Back: Taking the Excuses from the Car to the Court Room
TV-14 D, L
Premiere On: Thu, October 15 at 10P
Judge Dave catches a gabby driver lying about her record. Then, the courtroom gets trashed when a repeat offender flips over a bag of garbage. Plus, is 'speederitis' a legitimate excuse? And, a grade school teacher learns her lesson in court. TV-PG-L
Premiere On: Thu, October 15 at 10:30P
A feisty defendant claims that having her hands off the steering wheel while driving isn't unsafe. Then, a driver and his passenger come to fight their ticket in court but end up fighting each other. And, how will Judge Dave rule when a woman claims her breast implants prevented her from wearing her seatbelt? TV-PG-DL
The Know-it-alls
Premiere On: Thu, October 8 at 10P
In this episode, a pregnant woman claims she'd never endanger her unborn son by driving too fast. Then, a real know-it-all challenges the police officer's knowledge of radar guns. Finally, a defendant just doesn't seem to understand the definition of "inoperable vehicle." TV-14 D, L
Premiere On: Thu, October 8 at 10:30P
First, a hothead goes head-to-head with Judge Dave by refusing to pay his tickets. Then, a grumpy granny uses her grandchild's smelly diapers as a defense. Plus, a college student pleads for mercy and a careless driver comes up with the worst defense ever. TV-14 L
Ticket Vacation
Premiere On: Thu, October 1 at 10P
In this episode, a defendant fights a ticket he got while on vacation in Mexico. Then, Judge Dave gets to the bottom of a fishy flat tire story. Plus, a snow day parking ticket has one defendant raging mad. TV-14 L
Premiere On: Thu, October 1 at 10:30P
In this episode, Judge Dave lays down the law on a foul mouthed defendant who blows his top in court. Then, a proud mother brings in a star witness – her cute as a button daughter. And, a defendant tries to prove he wasn't hanging out of his souped-up car while driving. TV-14 L
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