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Season 8 Episodes

Hands Free
Aired: 6/11/2009
In this episode, Corporal Moschetto gets more than he bargained for when he pulls over a car full of giggling girls headed to a "sex toy party." Then, Corporal Tony White pulls over a wacky inventor who's driving with his hands–free soda helmet. And, Officer Deputy Steinert is called in to help administer a DUI test to an out of control drunk. TV-14, D
Playin' Chicken
Aired: 6/11/2009
In this episode, Corporal Moschetto runs afoul of a hasty farmer and his best friend, a chicken named Buddy. Then, the normally jovial Officer Olson is pushed to his breaking point by an angry secretary who's late for work. Finally, Officer Hagopian fines a jaywalker who has difficulty grasping the concept of jaywalking. TV-PG, D, L
Calvert County Possum Posse
Aired: 6/18/2009
In this episode, we meet the "Possum Patrol," two bored teenagers who have taken it upon themselves to rid Calvert County of its possum population. Then Officer Muldrow pulls over a motorist who just cannot stop laughing. Finally, a former football player tries to teach Officer Olson the art of the three point stance. TV-14
Dancin' Grannies
Aired: 6/18/2009
In this episode, Officer Muldrow pulls over three funky grannies who just can't help but bust a move. Then, Corporal Moschetto nabs a stoner whose munchies are so bad, he's resorted to eating doggie treats. Finally, Deputy Steinert runs across a genuine cat burglar. TV-PG, L
Trucks A-Rockin'
Aired: 6/25/2009
In this episode, Corporal Moschetto meets his match when he pulls over an ex-con/boy scout leader who refuses to take his ticket lying down. Then, Sergeant Laughlin spots a parked truck a-rockin', so he goes a knockin' and catches a couple in the act. Finally Officer Olson pulls over a med student who gives him an anatomy lesson. TV-14 D, L, S
Runnin' Late
Aired: 6/25/2009
In this episode, an irate driver running late for her job forces Corporal White to call her boss to explain the situation. Then, Deputy Steinert gets a crash course in the "stanky leg" dance craze, by a group of spirited Mardi Gras revelers. Finally, Officer Muldrow pulls over the last known rollerskating enthusiast in the western world. TV-PG, D, L
Sushi Bombs
Aired: 7/30/2009
In this episode, Corporal White pulls over a confused, wobbly woman who claims she had too much sushi to drink. Then, it's Friday the 13th in Akron, and one motorist wishes he brought his lucky rabbit's foot to ward off the wrath of Deputy Laughlin. Finally, a naughty couple in Maryland gets caught with their pants down. TV-14 D, S
Walk of Shame
Aired: 7/30/2009
In this episode, Deputy Umphrey stops a couple with suspended driver's licenses...and makes them walk home! Then, a new father flips out about a possible ticket...and his sex life. Finally, Corporal White stops a Driving Instructor for reckless driving, and teaches him a hard lesson. TV-PG, D
Blind Demolition & Blonde Ambition
Blind Demolition & Blonde Ambition
Aired: 8/6/2009
In this episode, Corporal White responds to a hit & run involving a drunk motorist who has no idea that his car is totaled. Then, Deputy Steinert busts a merrymaking driver during the height of Mardi Gras. And, a blonde bombshell doesn't wear her seatbelt, and has two massive reasons why not. TV-14 D, L
Three for the Road
Three for the Road
Aired: 8/6/2009
In this episode, Officer Ebenau just might break the world citation record when he issues tickets to 3 people in one car! Then, Officer Weir saves a motorist from his screaming mother. Plus, an Illinois driver finds out the hard way that his 24 inch rims are illegal...and so is driving with a suspended license. TV-14, L
Rude and Crude
Aired: 8/13/2009
In this episode, Officer Ebenau tries to keep his cool when a motorist gets rude and crude. Then, a nurse gives a lesson on body shaving. And, when flirting doesn't work, a female driver takes drastic measures to get out of a ticket. TV-14 L
Driver's Education
Aired: 8/13/2009
In this episode, a high-speed pull over has Officer Orozco reaching for his gun belt. Then, see what Sergeant Laughlin uncovers in the backwoods of Ohio. Plus, meet an Einstein who brags that he graduated from 10th grade...twice! TV-14 D
Fishy Friday
Aired: 8/20/2009
In this episode, when a young driver gets caught with pot, Deputy Olson calls for backup...from the kid's mom. Then, a passenger gives an award worthy performance to get his buddy out of a ticket. Finally, Corporal Moschetto takes to the woods in camouflage to nab a motorist in Maryland. TV-14 L
Best of Speeders 05: Wackiest Special
Aired: 8/27/2009
We're taking a look at some of the wackiest, craziest, most unbelievable Speeders stories ever. From goofy excuses to bizarre vehicles and kooky cops, we've got it all. Plus, you won't want to miss the award for "Wackiest Driver Ever!"TV-14
Best of Speeders 06: Outta Control
Aired: 8/27/2009
We take a look at some of the most intense, crazy and out of control moments in the show's history. We've got high speed chases, tense confrontations, and more high-octane, white knuckle, blazing fast speed than you can shake a stick at. So buckle your seatbelts! TV-PG L
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