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Season 6 Episodes

Hooters Howlers
Aired: 10/23/2008
Sergeant Strickland pulls over a pair curvaceous women who try shakin' it up to get out of ticket. Then, Officer Ledbetter pulls over a college student who's considering fleeing on foot to get out of a citation for not stopping at a stop sign. Finally, Officer Olson meets his dream woman when he discovers that his most recent pull-over not only works at a golf club, but is a professional chef too! TV-PG
Aired: 10/30/2008
In this episode, a Beverly Hills high roller gets angry when Officer Williams comes between her and her shopping. Then, a hippie mom does her best to sing her way out of a ticket, but Officer Strickland isn't about to sing Kumbaya. Finally, it hits the fan when Officer Ledbetter pulls over a driver who's just dropped her phone in the toilet! TV-PG, L
Legend of the Hammer
Aired: 11/6/2008
In this episode, Officer Ernie "The Hammer" Orozco's reputation precedes him when he pulls over a driver who's heard tales of "The Hammer" before. Then Officer Duran pulls over two Bears fans who know they're in hot water - because they're in Packers Country! Finally, Officer White pulls over a spoiled teen who's worried her parents won't pay her tickets and her credit card bill. TV-PG, L
GPS Breakup
Aired: 11/13/2008
In this episode, Officer Williams pulls over a driver who's in a vicious, no-holds barred argument...with his GPS. Then, a single mom and her similarly single eleven year old boy are looking for dates. Finally, Officer Alonso pulls over an optometry student who can't seem to see the speed limit sign. TV-PG
The Call of Nature
Aired: 11/20/2008
In this episode, Corporal Moschetto gallantly escorts a driver deep into bush country highwayside so he can relieve himself discretely. Then, a motorist hopes his gold teeth will get him out of a ticket, but Officer Olson isn't about to bite. Finally, Officer Hartsell pulls over a road rebel whose 14 D.U.I. convictions constitute a new record. TV-PG L
El Ceej
Aired: 2/5/2009
In this episode, Corporal Moschetto pulls over the self-proclaimed "Ceej", a driver who's all too eager to share his many pick up lines. Then, it's duck season when Officer Corbett pulls over a motorist who's making fresh duck soup in the back of his van. Finally, Officer Chudy pulls over two budding entrepreneurs hell bent on making it big with their internet dating start-up, TV-14 D, L
Fantasy Ticket
Fantasy Ticket
Aired: 2/5/2009
Officer Olson catches a teacher dangling her foot out the window while driving. Plus, a motorist blows her top in North Carolina. TV-PG, L
Singing Telegram
Aired: 2/12/2009
In this episode, we meet a very hairy, very eccentric male striptease "bunny." Then, a cherry red roadster has an incredibly loud horn. Finally, Officer Williams gives one irresponsible driver some "Officer Therapy." TV-PG L
Used Cars, New Tickets
Aired: 2/12/2009
In this episode, Officer Williams pulls over a driver who insists that he's guilty and needs to be punished. Then, a college student gets caught rushing to class. And, Officer Olson comes face to face with a smooth talking used car salesman. TV-PG D, L
Lots of Laffs
Aired: 2/19/2009
In this episode, we meet Lola, the funniest senior citizen/stand-up comedian in all of Orange County. Then Officer Curtis pulls over a chef who's in a hurry to meet a girl he hopes to romance with fine food. Finally, Officer Budusky pulls over a clueless driver who's trying to save money by dashing between gas stations, looking for the cheapest deal. TV-PG, D, L
Second Hand Speeder
Aired: 2/19/2009
In this episode, Officer Merker pulls over a father whose son shows us the meaning of hyperactive. Then a car salesman tries to talk Officer Slidell into buying a lemon. Finally, Officer Alonso catches a motorist whose hamburger habit has him rushing for the bathroom. TV-PG L
High Speed Bloggin'
Aired: 2/29/2009
In this episode, two pajama clad drivers define casual. Then Officer Duran pulls over a motorist who's addicted to her blog. Finally, Corporal White catches a college girl who's not afraid to tell us about her latest plastic surgery. TV-14
My Favorite Show!
Aired: 2/26/2009
In this episode, a loyal Speeders watcher is pulled over. Then, Deputy Willie pulls over a Louisiana motorist who has some choice words for his ex-wife. Finally, a smoking hot driver tells us all we need to know about a steamy night with her girlfriend. TV-14
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