Robert "Tank" Crayton
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Robert "Tank" Crayton

Robert "Tank" Crayton

Six-foot-two Robert "Tank" Crayton, 32, is the newest member of the Jay Team. In this team of tough guys, he's one of the toughest – hence the nickname.


Tank's background both in the U.S. Army and juvenile justice gave him extensive training in hand-to-hand combat, submission techniques, boxing and martial arts. He is also highly proficient in all manner of weaponry, including M-16 and M-203 rifles, pistols and firearms, shotguns, grenades and the AT-4 rocket launcher.


When he isn't fighting crime alongside Jay Russell, Tank is a youth counselor and chemical ops specialist who helps to improve the lives of at-risk young people. He says that he enjoys the satisfaction of working with "a myriad of personalities" and that every day poses new and interesting challenges. "It means so much to me," he says, "when I can gain their trust and when they allow me to help them."


Although Tank now lives in South Carolina, he grew up in "a very athletic household" in Brooklyn. N.Y. Inspired and encouraged by both his parents, Tank played basketball and football, boxed and ran track. His father, Tank says, excelled at every sport "with trophies all over from the multiple sports that he played as a youth. But it would actually be my mother who taught me the love of the game and who gave me the determination to succeed."


In addition to his athletic prowess, Tank also has a lifelong love of performing. The "class clown" in school, he has appeared onstage in almost every form of show business – singing, acting, rapping, stand-up comedy, improv and much more. It all dates back to his childhood, he says, when he loved entertaining his family and friends, singing in choirs and appearing in school plays and skits. And even at that early age, Tank says, "I always wanted to be on TV."


Tank's hobbies run the gamut from the active – lifting weights and playing basketball – to the passive – playing video games, reading comic books and relaxing with his family.