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Handle the Truth

The real, never-before-told stories behind the Tremont Towing family

Robert Jr.

Robert Junior

Q: Where did you get the nickname The Hunter?

A: I just drive around and around all night, right up till the end of my shift. I probably produce 5-7 cars than anyone else in a given night, just creeping and steadily catching everyone in the wrong places.

Q: Was there any way you could have avoided the family business? And did you even want to do something else?

A: I'm actually a crane operator for the Local down in South Florida, straight outta high school and for ten years. Work slowed down, I did a bit of hurricane work, ran nightclubs. I did bouncer work when I was doing the crane thing. I can't do the bouncing anymore because I have my son. As soon as I left bouncing, there was no construction work, so I talked to my father. I've always worked at Tremont in an off-and-on capacity; as I kid I moved cars as a yardman.

Q: Frankie and Jerome say you often steal their tows. What's your philosophy on who gets to get the tows?

A: If they are just gonna sit there and wait... well, I don't do that. That's why they call me the Hunter. If they slip, I grip. Hunt or be hunted, you know?

Q: What's it like working with your sister Christie?

A: Sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass. Other times, it can be close to being family. Me and Christy, when we were kids, we never got along. When she got older, we threw away the childish things and we became the best of friends.

Q: What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you at a repo?

A: You could pick one of 20 different scenarios: getting shot at, fighting, even towing an old person's car. We've been through the best and worst. There've been times when we have to do what you have to do. We've been through anything you can come up with.

Q: What's the craziest thing you've ever seen while out on a job?

A: I've had people offer sex in exchange for the car. I've had a person go around the corner and grab an old person, this is why I parked here, see? The old person says, "I don't even know that guy." There was a couple that was having sex inside and didn't realize [they were getting towed] until they saw the lights flashing. The other day, I didn't see anybody in one car, I picked up the car and saw the headlights flashing at me and I pulled into the lot and a naked guy jumped out, saying, "What the hell, dude?" So I went and put the car back where it was with the guy in it. I wish he'd put a sign in the window, saying "busy in the back."

One time, the cops pulled me over and said, "Did you know there's somebody in that car you're towing?" South Beach is a very... particular place.

Q: Which tow truck driver annoys you the most?

A: Frank, he's #1 on my list. I can't stand him. Very hypocritical, very annoying. He acts like his s*** don't stink. Then you got Eddie, Eddie thinks he knows everything. One minute he's the coolest guy in the world; next minute, he doesn't want to help you or do anything.

Q: What's the story you tell people the most?

A: The worst day we ever had was in 2006, Memorial Day Weekend, these guys pulled guns on us, we grabbed the guns and pointed them at the guys. If you work in the yard, you had a nice pole or bat and you fought off people throwing things over the fence at you, throwing punches.

Q: Are you going to take over Tremont Towing someday?

A: Of course. Otherwise, I'll just start my own [towing business.] It's one of the things I'm looking forward to.

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