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South Beach Tow


Handle the Truth

The real, never-before-told stories behind the Tremont Towing family



Q: What were you doing before you came to work for Tremont Towing?

A: I used to be a manager at a fast food chicken place. What made me switch over? [laughs] The money.

Q: You work the night shift. Are things crazier after hours?

A: Everybody gets toasted, they get drunk and they don't know how to handle their liquor. Can't handle their own aura, know what I'm saying? I used to work daytime but daytime is whack - they don't make any money in daytime. The night shift is better because I don't have a problem with anybody working the night shift - I don't have a fistfight with them because it's a good crew.

Q: What's the strangest thing that ever happened to you on the job?

A: I see people having sex in their cars all the time. When that happens, we call for backup. All of us will be out in the middle of the street - we get out of the trucks and we watch the show like it's a movie.

Q: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you on a tow?

A: Ladies used to come running out of their apartments half naked and chase me around the cars I was towing. They try to get to me, but I just say, "I need to get that $115 drop, honey. I want to, though, you feel me?"

Q: Your job title is listed as "enforcer"? Does that mean you have to bust a lot of heads?

A: Well, I'm a cool guy to get along with, but if you cross that line, I'm gonna lose my s***. I just tried to tell these beach boys the other day, "Oh, you live at the beach? Yeah, I live in the city; I don't live on the beach." If they go after me, I have to bust their heads.

Q: You have an interesting romantic life. How do you juggle all these different females?

A: Man... right now, it's hard. I'm a little older now, you know? I've been trying to cut them down one by one, day by day. It all comes from my daddy - he has 23 kids! It put a lot of pressure to be "the man," know what I'm saying?

Q: Who is your least favorite person to work with at Tremont?

A: Podie - short, talks too much, they just made him an assistant manager. I been there ten years, longer than anybody, he's too cocky, why they gonna pick him over me? He's not gonna be my manager, you better keep him outta my face.

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