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Handle the Truth

The real, never-before-told stories behind the Tremont Towing family



Q: Tell us about your tattoos. Which one is your favorite?

A: All my tattoos have a story. My mom has a bunch of tattoos; she was friends with a lot of the shop owners. I didn't want to do what everyone wanted me to do, which was hide them, so I put them on my arm. I got my roses on my leg because no one ever gets me roses anymore. I got my heart in ice cubes because I can be a coldhearted bitch.

Q: What's it like babysitting all these rough-and-tumble dudes all day?

A: It's the biggest pain in the ass. They're pretty much all big guys and they have egos [to match.]

Q: Do the guys kiss up to you to get the best calls to go out on tows? What do you try to pull?

A: When they want something, when they know it's going to be a good weekend, they will be the sweetest you've ever seen in your life. They'll bring me coffee, they'll bring me food, they'll be hovering over me, trying to charm me.

Q: You sit behind bulletproof glass all day. Has anyone ever tried to break it, with bullets or fists?

A: People will punch the glass. "Does your hand hurt?" I'll say, smirking.

Q: What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you at work?

A: A few Memorial Day weekends ago, right before shift change, there was a huge fight, people who wanted their cars but had no money and tried to jump the fence. The next door neighboring company joined in to help us, probably twenty two truck drivers fighting a dozen guys, and by the end of the fight, I had five guns on my desk that didn't belong to any of the drivers. There was a guy stuck in the fence; I had police with K9s and shotguns here. I was completely and utterly petrified.

Q: Are you ever scared of the customers?

A: Behaviorally, not so much. I don't get easily freaked out by things. [But] there was a customer who knew where I lived, who said he was going to knock on my front door, and I had to have a few police officers circle the block and make sure he wasn't coming by, especially when I wasn't there.

Q: What's the funniest line of b.s. someone has ever fed you to get their car out of the yard?

A: There was one guy from New York and we towed his car; he kept trying to run game on me. "Damn, mami, I'm gonna take you out," trying to Rico Suave me. I pulled up the chair in front of the window, saying, "I gotta sit down for this." And although I laughed, he spent two and a half hours talking to me and still didn't get his car for free.

Q: Which family member do you wish you didn't have to work with everyday and why?

A: I believe that's called entrapment.

Q: Did you ever want to do something other than be a dispatcher for the family biz?

A: Yeah. But lucky for me, I'm still young enough that these things are still possibilities. I can use this little project as a catalyst.

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