South Beach Tow: Full Episodes

Full Episodes South Beach Tow

  • Legend of the Swamp Ape

    Legend of the Swamp Ape

    Eager for a quick buck, Perez forces Kosgrove to pose as a mythical swamp beast - with disastrous consequences. Meanwhil...

    Season 4 20:52 Air Date: 09/24/14
  • Flipping Out

    Flipping Out

    While Christie and Perez scramble to find a new towyard, Eddie and Davy are stuck on the streets with a $600,000 car on...

    Season 4 20:51 Air Date: 09/17/14
  • Apocalypse Tow

    Apocalypse Tow

    The hysterically wacky cast of South Beach Tow returns and the zaniness continues! While Bernice and her mom bid for a f...

    Season 4 21:03 Air Date: 09/10/14
  • No Country For Perez

    No Country For Perez

    Perez gets rehired. Eddie and Bernice interrupt a booty-shaking video shoot. Bernice comes to the rescue when a roid-rag...

    Season 2 21:01 Air Date: 10/10/12
  • Lights Out

    Lights Out

    Bernice tries to tow the van of the electrician who has come to fix Tremont's power outage.

    Season 2 21:32 Air Date: 10/03/12