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South Beach Tow


Season 1 Episodes

A Family Business
Aired: 7/20/2011
When Christie discovers a dog locked in a hot SUV, she summons Animal Rescue. The repo of a rapper's pimped-out car leads to a high-speed chase. Robbie defends his sister's honor from an angry passenger whose taxi has been towed from a high-end hotel. TV-14-L
Tow Wars
Aired: 7/20/2011
A wedding cake is damaged after Jerome tows a delivery van, and Christie deals with the outraged baker. A boat repo sparks a gun-wielding confrontation on the water. And, Robbie has a violent run-in with a rival towing company. TV-14-L
Chaos in the Yard
Aired: 7/27/2011
Robbie tows an illegally parked rental car from the middle of a music video shoot, with chaotic results. Eddie's bad behavior triggers an ultimatum from Robert Sr.
Broken Truce
Aired: 8/3/2011
A short-staffed Robert Sr. jumps back in the saddle for a routine tow, only to have a hostile encounter with rowdy teenagers. Tremont's truce with the rival towing company ends with another attempted poach, forcing Robbie to turn the tables.
Training Day
Aired: 8/10/2011
Eddie needs back-up when he's threatened by posers trying to stop the tow of their car, the Tremont staff contends with a belligerent backyard wrestler, and Robert hires a driver away from his rival towing company, with disastrous results.
Anger Management
Aired: 08/17/2011
New driver Bernice continues to violate Tremont protocol, forcing a showdown with Robert. Plus, Eddie confronts a larger-than-life couple with a fake handicap placard. TV-14-L
Muay Thai Surprise
Aired: 08/24/2011
A repo from a yoga studio goes awry when father and son tangle with the vehicle owner -- a cage fighter with anger issues. Plus, Eddie has a run-in with the rival towing company, and Bernice makes a surprise appearance. TV-14-L
Memorial Day Mayhem
Aired: 08/31/2011
With Robert in the hospital, Robbie Jr. and Christie must run the company on the busiest towing weekend of the year, and fend off an invasion by their rivals. TV-14-L
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