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Ski Patrol: When The Slopes Take You Down, They Provide A Lift.

Meet the Patrollers

Jim Dailey, Patrol Director, Blue Mountain Ski Area

Jim joined the National Ski Patrol when he was 16. Six years ago, his peers elected him the area's Patrol director, which involves overseeing the direction of the Patrol as well as being involved in the training of each patrol candidate.

Jim, 36, has received several prestigious National Ski Patrol Awards.

Jim has handled numerous duties for the resort, including marketing and PR employee, snowmaker, risk manager, safety committee chairperson and off-season construction worker.

Living within minutes of the mountain and having a supportive family has allowed Jim to devote countless hours to making Blue Mountain's Ski Patrol one of the nation's best.

"I love being part of Blue Mountain," he says. "I grew up in the local town and have been coming here since I was kid. Every day is a chance to make a difference in someone's life. And every now and then you actually get to save somebody. There is nothing more powerful and rewarding than the look someone gives when they are in pain or distress and you assure them that it will be ok. They don't forget you and what the ski patrol did for them.

"And the fact that I get to snowboard everyday is pretty awesome!"

Brian Hohenshilt, Patroller, Blue Mountain Ski Area

Brian, 29, graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2004. He has always enjoyed the outdoors, having been a hunter and skier since middle school. He started skiing at Blue in 1998, often skiing with his uncle, who is also a patroller on the mountain. He decided he would try out as a candidate for the patrol last season. After months of rigorous first aid classes and on-hill training, Brian found out that he had passed his test and officially became a National Ski Patroller. "I know it is cliched," he says, "but the Blue Mountain Ski Patrol is like having a large extended family."

Robin Carosella, Patroller, Blue Mountain Ski Area

Robin is a 34-year-old wife and mother of three young children. She is also a psychotherapist, working towards a clinical psychology doctorate degree. Robin's father was a Blue Mountain patroller and when she was 15 she joined up.

Now, 19 years later, Blue Mountain is "a vital part of my life," she says. "The patrol has afforded me life lessons and values that have permeated my personal and professional life; Commitment, responsibility and maturity are just some examples. Philanthropy and altruism were elucidated through my early training as a patroller."

Joe Urbans, Patroller, Blue Mountain Ski Area

Joe, 25, also works as a volunteer fireman at the Concordville (PA) Fire & Protective Association. "I enjoy helping and teaching people while doing something I enjoy," he says.

Susie Molnar, Patroller, Blue Mountain Ski Area

"I've been married 14 years to a wonderful and tolerant husband," says the 42-year-old mother of two young girls.

Predisposed towards activities that are challenging and a little risky, Susie's also worked as vice squad police officer (she occasionally had to go undercover and "play" a prostitute), a white water raft guide, a registered nurse and a glass artist.

She's been a full-time paid patroller for five years.

"My goals in life are to have fun by remaining active, trying new and exhilarating things, raising honest and responsible children and to see the northern lights and polar bears in the wild before pollution destroys them both."

Jenna Blanchard, Patroller, Blue Mountain Ski Area

Jenna decided to join ski patrol last year, with a friend from the ski race team. Her buddy eventually dropped out. Jenna's Dad joined the program too, "since he would have to drive me anyway," she says. Jenna is currently looking at colleges and is interested in becoming a physician.

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