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Ski Patrol: When The Slopes Take You Down, They Provide A Lift.

Crystal Mountain Episode 107
Premiered Mon, October 20 at 8P
A young daredevil takes a ski pole to the chin and faces possible paralysis, thanks to the impossible stunt. Plus, one young girl takes a nasty spill but falls even harder for the patroller looking after her. TV-14-L
Crystal Mountain Episode 108
Premiered Mon, October 20 at 8:30P
When the extreme sport of paraskiing takes over Crystal Mountain for the morning, extra patrollers are called in to monitor the dozens of paraskiers flying above. Then later, patrol mobilizes to treat a snowboarder suffering from a severe head injury and broken vertebrae after an attempted flip gone wrong. And when married patrollers Andrew and Michelle perform a routine avalanche control mission, the day turns disastrous when Michelle is buried alive. TV-PG-L
Crystal Mountain Episode 109
Premiered Wed, October 29 at 10P
A massive overnight snowfall sends the Crystal Mountain avalanche control team into high gear. They head all over the mountain using explosives to actually create avalanches in the race to defuse their deadly power before a skier accidentally does it first. But the rest of patrol is busy too, dealing with two skiers in critical condition after a horrible collision, a speed demon endangering the slopes and a throng of competitors skiing up 3000 vertical feet. TV-PG
Crystal Mountain Episode 110
Premiered Wed, October 29 at 10:30P
The day is off to a rough start when a call comes in of a little girl laying injured and trapped in the rugged backcountry. But her remote location along with a storm rolling in is making it nearly impossible for patrol to pinpoint her. Meanwhile, a group of kids put everyone in jeopardy when they jump off the ski lift, a beginner snowboarder gives up mid run and a skier who’s traded in his snow pants for a toga learns that it’s not always a party on the slopes. TV-PG
Blue Mountain Episode 103
Premiered Wed, November 5 at 10:30P
There's tension in the air when a chairlift breakdown forces a difficult and dangerous midair evacuation, a fight in the lift line could lead to an arrest, and the search is on for a hit-and-run snowboarder. TV-PG-L
Blue Mountain Episode 104
Premiered Wed, November 5 at 11P
Patrollers race against the clock as they search for a missing skier lost in the frigid elements, a boarder is warned about speeding but refuses to learn his lesson, and the patrol tends to a skier who's in danger of losing of a limb. TV-PG-L
Blue Mountain Episode 102
Premiered Wed, November 12 at 10:30P
The search for a deadly weapon has the mountain on edge, a call hits close to home when a patroller's daughter is in trouble, and a year of training comes down to the final test for two patrol candidates. TV-PG
Blue Mountain Episode 101
Premiered Wed, November 12 at 11P
A nasty fall leaves a young boy's leg horribly twisted, snowboarding punks wreak havoc on the mountain, and reckless speeders lead a father-daughter Ski Patrol team on a wild chase on the slopes. TV-PG-L
Blue Mountain Episode 105
Premiered Wed, November 19 at 11P
It's the women's time to shine as they respond to a blizzard of emergencies, including a badly injured boy whose father must make an agonizing decision. Plus, a boarder with memory loss has the patrol trying to piece together a puzzle. TV-PG
Blue Mountian Episode 106
Premiered Wed, November 19 at 11:30P
A panic attack on the mountain makes one girl stop dead in her tracks. Then patrollers drop their skis and pitch in to help with a car accident and a potential broken neck. Plus, one drunk skier isn't happy to hear that it's last call. TV-PG-L
Crystal Mountain Episode 112
Premiered Wed, November 26 at 11P
A hit and run on the mountain leaves a young girl in critical condition, and the patrol on an all out manhunt. And later, getting a little boy down the mountain becomes even more difficult when patrol learns he’s claustrophobic, one of the best skiers Crystal has ever seen drops in for a surprise run, and one girl’s twisted leg is a laughing matter – for her friend! TV-PG
Crystal Mountain Episode 111
Premiered Wed, November 26 at 11:30P
A skier attempting a jump from a 15 foot cliff landed on a rock and is bleeding profusely from a massive laceration. But patrol’s job getting him off the mountain gets even harder when a storm rolls in, leaving the access road blocked and the helicopter unable to land. Then later, patrol must navigate a toboggan rescue on the face of a 2000 foot vertical drop, a downed beginner is abandoned by his friends and one patroller hangs up his skis.
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