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Ryan Oakes PortraitRyan Oakes

Although Ryan Oakes is best known for using his sleight-of-hand skills to entertain audiences, he is equally adept at using his talents for other pursuits.

With a degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, Oakes uses his training to make the impossible seem like anything but. He believes that an understanding of human behavior, perception, language and non-verbal communication are vital tools for pulling off a successful con.

Oakes has been a performer since he was 10 and became the youngest person to win the Society of American Magicians Adult Stage Competition, one of the highest honors in the field. Oakes says that much of performing magic is like executing a scam; he plays to people's emotions and takes advantage of their assumptions and perceptions.

Oakes has performed all over the U.S. and abroad and has employed his skills as a consultant for numerous Fortune 100 corporations. He most recently performed for the U.S. Military in both Guantanamo and Guam.

Ryan has been profiled in Forbes FYI and The New York Times and has made guest appearances on ESPN, CNN and The Discovery Channel.

Oakes is from Connecticut and now lives in New York City.

Dani Marco PortraitDani Marco

Dani Marco devotes many hours each week to her acting studies at the renowned William Esper Studio in New York City. Marco has appeared in several films and TV shows, including Law & Order, The Sopranos and Chris Rock's I Think I Love My Wife.

In addition to principle roles in more than 40 national and international commercials, as well as print and voiceover work, Marco is also involved in both healing and fine arts.

An indispensable member of The Real Hustle team, with a professional acumen that complements a sparkling personality, Marco has what it takes to give her targets a feeling of ease while taking on any role required. Dani's grace under pressure and ability to ad lib provide her street creditability and make her the ideal shill or distracter in any scam.

Apollo Robbins PortraitApollo Robbins

Apollo Robbins is the leader of The Real Hustle crew, and for excellent reason. After all, he is the man who made news by pickpocketing Secret Service agents as he entertained Jimmy Carter, relieving them of their watches, wallets, confidential itinerary and keys to the former President's limo.

Raised by a conservative minister father and two half brothers who were pickpockets, Robbins chose a career that reflects both parts of his upbringing. He utilized the skills he witnessed from his siblings, performing a con-artist and pickpocket show at Caesars Palace for many years.

Robbins spends the majority of his professional time working with individuals who earn livings from their knowledge of cons, including police officers, fraud investigators, tourist security experts, card sharps, pickpockets and scam artists.

In the last few years, Robbins has appeared on the Travel Channel's Travel Scams and Rip-offs Revealed, Animal Planet's Guerilla Magic and A & E's Mondo Magic. He has also developed the cons and choreographed the steals on several films, including Kun Chang's The Rip-Off (2006).

Robbins lives in Las Vegas.

EXTRA: Apollo's favorite books about flimflam and dirty pool.

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