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Spring Break Facts of Life

  • • According to the book "College Life: The Naked Truth", "Spring Break is one glorious week of complete wild college debauchery at its finest. A single week in March is revered for college students everywhere to excessively indulge in as many forms of decadent behavior as they can because they are young and can get away with it."
  • • About 1.5 million college students participate in Spring Break every year.
  • • It is estimated that Spring Break is a $1 billion per year industry.
  • • The College Swim Forum, which began in 1935, is considered the first collegiate Spring Break in the United States. The event allowed swim teams for universities in the Northeast to travel to the Sunshine State to train.
  • • In 2002, The American Medical Association released a report which stated: "Spring break is no longer an innocent respite from the rigors of college academics; it's potentially life threatening."
  • • According to one study, more than 80% of parents say they are concerned about their children drinking during Spring Break. Seventy-one percent were worried about their kids having unprotected sex, and 70% were fearful that their offspring were drinking and driving.
  • • Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that 75 percent of college males, and 44 percent of college females were intoxicated daily while on Spring Break.
  • • Women on Spring Break consume an average of 10 alcoholic drinks per day.
  • • In 2004, there were 5,220 alcohol-related Spring Break arrests in Florida alone.
  • • According to one Canadian survey, 76% of male college students intend to have sex with someone they meet on Spring Break, while 19% of females have similar plans.
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