Operation Repo: Full Episodes

Full Episodes Operation Repo

  • Flame-Thrown For A Loop

    Flame-Thrown For A Loop

    Lou struggles to pick up the pieces after the accident leaves him needing Sonia more than ever.

    Season 10 21:36 Air Date: 09/26/12
  • T-Bone Trouble

    T-Bone Trouble

    The repo team struggles to keep the company afloat without Sonia and Lyndah.

    Season 10 21:39 Air Date: 09/19/12
  • Operation Repo 409

    Operation Repo 409

    First, Sonia and Froy get locked in the battle of a lifetime with a pair of young debtors who are understandably upset t...

    Season 4 21:38 Air Date: 08/19/09
  • Operation Repo 404

    Operation Repo 404

    First, Lou, Sonia, and Froy unfurl an elaborate sting when they repo a taxicab by tricking its driver into picking them...

    Season 4 21:24 Air Date: 07/13/09
  • Operation Repo 401

    Operation Repo 401

    First, Lou, Sonia, and Froy track down an RV that has been missing for 30 years, only to find that its owner is using it...

    Season 4 21:30 Air Date: 06/08/09
  • Operation Repo 310

    Operation Repo 310

    A routine repo goes wrong when Sonia and Froy let jealousy, resentment, and text messages get in the way.

    Season 3 21:23 Air Date: 05/04/09
  • Operation Repo 304

    Operation Repo 304

    Lou, Matt, and Froy get interrupted on a routine job by a registered owner with an unregistered blade.

    Season 3 21:53 Air Date: 04/06/09
  • Operation Repo 308

    Operation Repo 308

    Matt and Lou have to grab a late-model BMW from two stuck-up rich folks in Beverly Hills.

    Season 3 20:17 Air Date: 03/23/09