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Ocean Force: Huntington Beach, OC

Episode 606
Premiere On: Mon, February 16 at 8P
Two kayakers pummeled by the swirling surf are left stranded on a rock formation known as Devil’s Slide. Plus, an ex-marine who’s had one too many needs to report for detox. And, a man in the wrong place at the wrong time is buried under a cliff collapse. TV-PG V
Episode 601
Premiere On: Mon, February 16 at 8:30P
A couple gets too sexy on the sand. Plus, a lifeless man is pulled from the surf. And, lifeguards take on a death defying cliff jump when a group of snorkelers get stuck in a remote cave. TV-14
Episode 603
Premiere On: Mon, February 9 at 8P
A young man trying to be brave quickly finds out how painful a stingray’s toxins are. Plus, a disabled boat leaking hazardous fuel careens toward the shore. And, lifeguards work to save an asthmatic swimmer who forgot her inhaler. TV-PG
Episode 605
Premiere On: Mon, February 9 at 8:30P
On July 4th lifeguards have their hands full when a boogie board accident leaves one boy battered. Plus, a nude and lewd man must be flushed out of the water. And, the hunt is on for lobster poachers. TV-PG D
Episode 607
Premiere On: Mon, February 2 at 8P
A man who left his dog in a sweltering car is more interested in fighting the ticket than helping his overheated hound. Plus, lifeguards confront a drunk driver, and danger ignites in the parking lot when a car inexplicably explodes. TV-PG L
Episode 608
Premiere On: Mon, February 2 at 8:30P
A man hit in the head during a day out on his speedboat tells lifeguards a fishy story. Plus, an 11-year-old boy vanishes in the water, and a complex rescue mission gets underway after a car goes over the cliffs. TV-14
Episode 602
Premiere On: Mon, January 26 at 8P
First, a drunk and increasingly belligerent man gets pepper sprayed. Then, a fisherman passes out on the slick and jagged rocks of the jetty and may face paralysis. And, a woman is in need of emergency medical aid after a routine bee sting brings on a severe allergic reaction. TV-14 L
Episode 604
Premiere On: Mon, January 26 at 8:30P
First, a surfer gets punched in the face during a battle over waves. Then, the quiet end of the beach turns into happy hour when a woman is found trashed in a gazebo. Plus, a family getting a closer look at a pack of seals is attacked by a self proclaimed seal protector. TV-14 L
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