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Season 2 Episodes
Sandra Brown
Housewife and church-member Betty Gore is found murdered in her own home. She has been axed to death 41 times. Wylie Police Department's investigation tracks down Betty's friend Candace Montgomery. On trial for murder, Candace admits to killing Betty and claims self-defense. Watch as best-selling author Sandra Brown takes you inside one of the most shocking verdicts ever delivered by a Texas jury. TV-14 V

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David Baldacci
New York Times best-selling author David Baldacci plunges into the case of one of D.C.'s most notorious and elusive career criminals. On the morning of July 7, 1997, the day-shift manager of a Georgetown Starbucks Coffee Shop arrives and finds the bodies of employees Emory Evans, Aaron Goodrich and Caity Mahoney who had worked the night before. All three have been shot to death. Metro Detective James Trainum and an FBI Special Agent team up and spend nearly two years attempting to track down the man responsible: Carl Derek Cooper. TV-14 V

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Lisa Gardner
Best-selling author Lisa Gardner presents the case of 25-year-old South Berwick, ME resident Amy St. Laurent. After St. Laurent disappears, what follows is a vast, multi-jurisdictional effort, with unprecedented collaboration between law enforcement agencies. Over the course of their many tireless efforts, investigators are led through multiple suspects, conflicting stories and cover-ups, and eventually, to a dangerous sexual predator who may have been hiding in plain sight. TV-14

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Joseph Wambaugh
A gunman in a black mask ambushes 70-year-old William Overson and shoots him to death in his vehicle outside of a golf course in San Diego on April 12, 2004. Can San Diego Police Department's search for the gunman uncover an organized crime unit that planned to rob Overson of $60,000? Explore this case in-depth with Joseph Wambaugh, an acclaimed author known for his masterful crime fiction and non-fiction. TV-14 V

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Lisa Scottoline
When Karyn Hearn Slover's car is found abandoned near her Decatur, Illinois workplace, nobody expects the tragedy that is to follow. When her dismembered corpse is found in a nearby lake, investigators must find a motive for murder. In a case with few leads, can the hard work of forensic scientists from across the continent catch the killers? And will forensic evidence lead back to the family of Karyn's ex-husband – and the vengeful, domineering grandparents who will stop at nothing to keep Karyn's son for their own? TV-14 V

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Linda Fairstein
Former prosecutor and best-selling author Linda Fairstein presents the case of three East Harlem teenage girls' murder-rapes that defied experienced NYPD detectives. The killer's M.O. was to move their bodies from the crime scenes to dump sites in a shopping-cart. After many years, a comparison of DNA taken from serial rapist, Arohn Kee is matched against semen found in all three victims. And DNA technology also matches Kee's semen in another rape where an innocent man was charged. TV-14 V

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Harlan Coben
Mark Winger, a husband and father, catches a man in the act of bludgeoning his wife to death. Winger shoots and kills the man, and the ensuing investigation reveals the intruder was a psychotic cab driver, against whom the wife had filed a complaint after a harrowing drive with him a few days earlier. Police find that Winger had acted justifiably in the shooting. A few years later, Mark Winger files a civil suit against the cab company. But amazingly, this suit results in the husband's own arrest for the double murder. Author Harlan Coben guides viewers through the incredible twists and turns of a real-life page-turner. TV-14 V

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Faye Kellerman
After enjoying Yom Kippur dinner with their family, Brentwood, CA residents Gerald and Vera Woodman are gunned down inside their condominium garage. LA Detectives come up empty at the crime scene and begin to question family and friends. Soon, all fingers point to Vera and Gerry's estranged sons Neil and Stewart Woodman. See how Faye Kellerman helps unfold the story of a family plot of greed and deceit that was surely one of the most ruthless "murder for hires" in LA crime history. TV-14 V

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Elizabeth George
Best-selling mystery author Elizabeth George tells the true story of Dr. Kenneth Stahl and his wife, Carolyn Oppy-Stahl. The Stahl's double homicide crime scene at the side of the remote Ortega Highway, CA has no physical evidence. The case becomes a lesson in 'victimology' – digging deep into the lives of Ken and Carolyn to find an answer. Investigators find a loveless marriage, with mounting financial difficulties. Go inside a sordid tale of desperation, a reluctant mistress, and a murder-for-hire plot gone terribly wrong. TV-14 V

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Kathy Reichs
Forensic anthropologist and best-selling author Kathy Reichs explores the case of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, once pegged "The Most Hated Woman in America." When Madalyn and her family disappear from their Austin, TX home, never to be seen again, intrepid newspaper reporter John MacCormack takes it upon himself to find the truth. After an arduous 5-year investigation, and with the help of the IRS and the FBI, can MacCormack get his story and justice for Madalyn? TV-14

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Jonathan Kellerman
When 27-year-old Jarrod Davidson is gunned down at the door of his Santa Barbara apartment, a plant and a thank-you card have been used to draw the college graduate from the safety of his studio. Over the next few months, detectives analyze the two clues. Using supermarket surveillance video, they identify the killers: Jarrod's mother and father in-law. Shocked Investigators uncover a motive and Jarrod's ex-wife is also implicated. Jonathan Kellerman leads you through this shocking real-life mystery and the fight for justice. TV-14 V

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Lee Child
Award-winning British thriller author Lee Child delves into the real-life case of 44-year-old husband and father Jeff Zack. When Zack was gunned down at a gas station by a mysterious masked man on a motorcycle, police were baffled by his death. But did the seemingly perfect family man have a bushel of secrets to hide? Watch as Child's guides you through a sordid tale of a troubled love triangle, a custody battle over an illegitimate child and a possible murder-for-hire involving one of Akron's most powerful families. TV-14 V

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Nick Santora
Premieres Feb 4, 10pm E/P
Best-selling author and executive producer Nick Santora recounts the chilling story of how racing legend Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy were gunned down in the driveway of their L.A. County, CA home in 1988. A twenty-year investigation took detectives, prosecutors and family members through a menagerie of dead ends, false leads and zero evidence linking anyone to the crime, until all fingers eventually pointed at Thompson's old business partner, and millionaire entrepreneur Michael Goodwin. TV-14 V

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