Motor City Masters: Full Episodes

Full Episodes Motor City Masters

  • Fandemonium

    The remaining designers must sketch a vehicle design inspired by various professional sports. Guest judge and two-time W...

    Season 1 41:39 Air Date: 07/22/14
  • The Hot Wheels Challenge

    Tasked with impressing guest judge Felix Holst, the vice president of design for the Mattel Hot Wheels Division, the rem...

    Season 1 41:40 Air Date: 07/15/14
  • The Ultimate Beach Vehicle

    The search for the first Motor City Master continues! 8 remaining designers head to the coast to test out their airbrush...

    Season 1 41:40 Air Date: 07/08/14
  • New Model Transformers

    In an episode inspired by Transformers: Age of Extinction, the designers are asked to design a personal emblem and then...

    Season 1 41:39 Air Date: 07/01/14
  • Signature Design

    Signature Design

    truTV presents a brand new competition series in which ten car designers face off to see who will win $100,000, a contra...

    Season 1 41:58 Air Date: 06/24/14