Lizard Lick Towing: Full Episodes

Full Episodes Lizard Lick Towing

  • Episode 427

    Episode 427

    Krazy Dave is trapped in a submerged car when a repo goes horribly wrong... while Bobby and Juicy face tough decisions...

    Season 4 20:51 Air Date: 08/18/14
  • Episode 426

    Bobby strikes-out with a bunch of bridesmaids when he repos their party bus. while Ron sets-up a stakeout to catch a dan...

    Season 4 20:51 Air Date: 08/11/14
  • Episode 425

    A fight at Dave's wedding threatens to explode Bobby's relationship with Cassie...

    Season 4 20:51 Air Date: 08/04/14
  • Episode 225

    Episode 225

    A big shot offers to buy Lizard Lick Towing-- but when Ron refuses the proposition, the mysterious money man wages an al...

    Season 2 20:23 Air Date: 08/27/12