Lizard Lick Towing: Full Episodes

Full Episodes Lizard Lick Towing

  • Episode 423

    Episode 423

    Ron sets a trap to uncover the identity of a dangerous stalker while Bobby and Johnny take a wild ride on a four-wheeler...

    Season 4 20:51 Air Date: 07/21/14
  • Episode 422

    Episode 422

    Krazy Dave makes an unsettling discovery about his 25-year marriage. and Ron allows Bobby to return to the Lick-but with...

    Season 4 20:51 Air Date: 07/14/14
  • Episode 421

    Bobby ponders selling his new business to rejoin the Lizard Lick crew. and Ron's father, "Pops," asks Bobby to help him...

    Season 4 20:51 Air Date: 07/07/14
  • Lizard Lick Towing

    Ronnie comes to the rescue during a fiery repo.while things really heat-up between Juicy and Earl.

    Season 4 20:52 Air Date: 06/30/14
  • Episode 221

    Episode 221

    Ron and Bobby grind Amy's gears when they leave her home alone for some fun at a classic car show-- but the boy's day hi...

    Season 2 20:42 Air Date: 07/30/12