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Ron & Amy: A Love Story

Ron and Amy Shirley

According to his autobiography Lizard Tales: The Wit & Wisdom of Ron Shirley, Ron says he was involved in the strongman circuit, benching 600 pounds at the time he met Amy. Helped by his close friend Johnny Perry, Ron was then devoting most of his waking hours to heavy-duty training sessions that would kill a weaker man. He considered himself too busy with his dreams to get seriously involved with someone and he didn't think anyone could tame him.

Amy, however, was no wuss. As Ron explains: "Johnny and I had been training Amy and she had just won her first world title in powerlifting–not to mention the fact that she is a redhead, and... hotter than nine miles of Alabama asphalt on a Talladega Sunday."

Of course, their budding romance was fraught with the same kind of drama that makes All Worked Up and Lizard Lick Towing so enjoyable to watch. "It was only a matter of time before we would have our first throwdown," Ron admits in Lizard Tales. When that day came, they had just finished a workout and had ended up at Ron's mother's house, having argued in the car over squatting techniques.

As Ron says, he isn't always right–but he's never wrong, either. "Being of a somewhat more peaceful nature, Amy decided she was just going to leave and cool off." Ron, not one to just walk away from a tense situation, escalated things by refusing to go. His girlfriend's response was to fire up her F-150 and roar straight at her man, who stood stock still, thinking, She won't run over me.

Although Ron says he somehow ended up "sprawled across the hood and... flying down the driveway," it should be noted that that is probably not how Amy sees it. Ron claims that he eventually caught up to her through a shortcut and stopped her Lizard Lick style: hitting her car with his truck.

After a wild fight–windows smashed, keys yanked out of ignitions, harsh words shouted in the road–everything settled down again. That is, until Amy snuck into Ron's truck and took off again, leaving her future husband lying in the dirt, watching his beloved truck (and his girlfriend) recede in the darkness. Two weeks, twelve heartfelt poems and twenty rose deliveries later, Amy finally caved. From then on, they've been inseparable, although Ron sees it another way. As with every story, he has a Ron-ism for what he learned; in this case, it's "There are two theories to arguing with a woman... and neither one of them works."

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