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Hardcore Pawn


Triple Trouble

The cast speaks out about their newfound fame and the behind-the-scenes action.



Do people come up to you in the street now?

I actually get recognized out in public; I was just in Vegas and people were stopping me on the Strip. It's pretty fun, actually.

Is your job easier or more difficult now that the show is such a hit?

I just do my job; we love it always. You want to be there for the fans, but at the same time, when I'm at work, I'm working.

What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you as a TV star?

I was at a pretty nice, dressy restaurant and a gentleman in a suit walked up to me and asked me to sign his chest.

Was it a nice chest?

I didn't look! [Laughs] I just signed my business card.

What's been your favorite part about working in the pawn shop?

The unexpected.... You never know what's in store for the next minute, every day. You get to meet interesting people with interesting stories, consistently.

Do you and Seth get along outside of the job?

Um... well, we're siblings, there is always going to be a sibling rivalry, we do get along outside the workplace. It's tough working with family because there are so many different views and management styles; plus, you can say things to each other that you wouldn't say to people you don't know.

Do you ever bring home some of the stuff that people sell at American Jewelry and Loan?

People have brought in jewelry that I've bought. Everything I get, essentially, I buy from here because we have such good deals. Someone brings in a TV or Blu-Ray player I need, I'll buy it.

What's your biggest negotiating skill?

This is a hard one. They'll say that I don't know how to negotiate, but in reality, I'm a better negotiator than Seth. I just learned everything from my dad, and tried to pick up the tricks of the trade from him.

What do you think is going to happen in Season 4?

Our viewers are going to see shows that are about 20 times more action packed. [Seth said "ten times."] See? With Seth, everything's a bet and I have to beat him.

Facebook fan Jared asks, "What's the freakiest moment in the store ever?"

A few days ago, a customer came in with a bird, and I said we're not interested in animals. And he suddenly pulled out geckos... geckos from his pocket. He pulled out 20 from his pocket! And then he brought me a tarantula. Really? He put them all back by grabbing them with handfuls and stuffed them back. He said, "You know, I have a zoo in my house" and I said, "You just brought your zoo here!" I'm not exaggerating... 20... they were crawling all over the showcases; it was one of the grossest things I've ever seen. He came in with his wife and they were raising money for their charity – it was during filming, so stay tuned for that.

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