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  • New Blood

    New Blood

    When Ashley betrays her father's trust and cancels his big TV deal, Les decides to make a power play and offer a brand n...

    Season 8 20:52 Air Date: 04/15/14
  • Busted Deal

    Busted Deal

    Les makes a major deal with a new supplier for a truckload of TVs, but with the store already bursting at the seams, Set...

    Season 8 20:53 Air Date: 04/08/14
  • Guards Go Home

    Guards Go Home

    When the security guards start spooking customers, the Les sends them home to teach them a lesson. Yet when some angry...

    Season 8 21:31 Air Date: 03/25/14
  • Les Goes Down

    Les Goes Down

    Brawling isn't out of the ordinary at American Jewelry and Loan, but when customers throw down in the parking lot before...

    Season 7 19:08 Air Date: 07/09/13