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  • Million Dollar Deal

    Million Dollar Deal

    A ventriloquist leaves Karen and Bobby J speechless, and an angry MMA fighter takes a swing at Byron.

    Season 8 20:52 Air Date: 08/13/14
  • Karen in the Middle

    When an argument with Seth leaves Ashley in tears, Karen attempts to broker a peace deal.

    Season 8 20:51 Air Date: 08/06/14
  • Ashley in Charge

    With Les and Seth away at the Autorama car show, and Ashley in charge of the store, the employees go a little crazy.

    Season 8 20:51 Air Date: 07/30/14
  • The Hot Rod

    Les and Seth visit a customer with a garage full of amazing vintage cars.

    Season 8 20:51 Air Date: 07/23/14